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CAST yourself a chimney! -For Pets-

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2011 at 9:51 AM
Updated: 28th Jan 2012 at 3:48 PM
CAST yourself a Chimney! -For Pets-

This is my first add on to the CAST yourself a chimney! -set I made earlier. Now you can make the new lovely fireplaces from Pets use my CASTable chimneys

Here is a picture of the Pets fireplaces using the CASTable chimneys:

I can't give you the names of the fireplaces, as I play in finnish. They are all found in the build mode, next to the EA original fireplaces. Prices are the same as originals.

Info you should read:
- You will need to have Pets EP installed to use these
- These are not default replacements
- For some unknown reason the smallest fireplace reverts its chimney back to EA's if you move it after placing. To solve this sell the reverted version, and buy new one and place it to the location you want it to go.

What do I download?
If you don't have my original pack , and do not wish to get it, you need to download both rars in the download tab.
If you do have my originals, then you only need to download the armiel_CAST yourself a chimney_Pets.rar. There is no need for you to download the chimney pieces twice.

How to use?
I have made a video about how to use these.

If for some reason you can't watch the video, here is a basic written how to:
- place the files from the rar(s) to your mods/packages folder.
- run the game
- make a house
- place a fireplace
- cast it (only the part behind fireplace has ability to be clicked for cast, you need to drag the pattern in cas-tool to the rest of the pieces.)

How to use the optional fake chimney cap bottom?
(also shown on video)
- open cheat panel by ctrl+shift+ C and type in: moveobjects on
- you need to have floor of grid on the floor you want to place the piece.
- place a fake cap bottom (found in misc. deco)(the piece can be moved up and down by holding mouse and dragging, if you have patch 1.17 or higher)

Additional Credits:
Thank you once again Inge Jones, for helping me. My memory did need a little refreshing

Also thank you for BenC0722 (known as Ben at #create) for testing.