Finnington - an empty world for your simmies

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Uploaded: 12th May 2011 at 7:34 AM
Updated: 1st Aug 2012 at 6:00 AM - Deleted save-file
Finnington - an empty world for your simmies:


I started making this world in February 2011. My idea was to make a lovely town that has expanded its area with a little city. I was very excited for the project, and had quickly made a nice little world with the areas I wanted to have. Then it was time to build.

I laid down the city, and the town area. Then I started on building on the lots and made the shells for the buildings in the town and in the city. I soon had a half built world, with a lot of buildings that had the exterior done, but were empty/in process in the inside.

At that point I had a total loss of interest on making the world, and I started on working in some other projects. The world files sat on my CAW-folder for weeks, and I started to feel bad about me being so unable on continuing the work with the world.

I think I actually got quite depressed. I lost interest and will to do anything that included building. I tried to start a new world project to see if it was just Finnington that annoyed me, but I failed miserably. Multiple times. I was ready to throw all my world-files to a trash bin, and give up on world making completely.

I have to be very thankful for having so many friends in the simming community, who care for me and like my work. One of them gave an encouraging prep talk to me in a private conversation in chat, and that made me feel a whole lot better about my work again.

I still had lost the interest on working with this world, but I had an idea. Why don't I finish all the work in the actual world, and then delete all the lots that I had made. After all, many simmers like me actually like building lots themselves better, than using lots made by other people. So I'm proud to present you my world, with empty lots. Now everyone can make it look the way they want!

Thank you for everyone that commented on the world on the Creator feedback-Forum, and tested it. I'm sorry I couldn't make it a full world with finished lots. I hope that you are not too disappointed on me.


Map Size: Medium
Spawn Points: All from Basegame

Routing Info: Sims can't go to any rocky areas. Camera can't go behind the edges of the world, or behind the mountain.
Layering: 15 layers - General, Residential lots, Community lots, Individual ones for different tree types, then for some different areas.
Textures: 11 - Some chunks have 9-11 paints used in one. The world has been play tested and this has not caused any lag.

Total: 73
Community: 33
Residential: 40

All the lots are empty, and besides the beach lots that touch water, also flat

Custom content included in the world file
Some road textures from CAR: Create a road Urban pack by ashillion
Simple but useful recolours of EA terrain paints by me

Game requirements:

Games required
Basegame, World adventures, Ambitions and Late night are required for the world to look exactly like it is suppose to.

You can however use the world without Late Night installed. The rest of the games are required for you to use this.

Patch levels
Basegame - 1.19.44, World adventures - 2.13.6, Ambitions - 4.7.4, Late night - 6.2.4.


Download all 3 rar-files
Put them to a folder
Rename the files by taking off the MTS_armiel_#####_ (leave part(number).rar)
Right click on part1.rar and select extract here
Put the sims3pack you get to ...Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads
Double click on the file and the launcher will install it.

Launch the game
Select start new game - Select Finnington

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Additional credits
A huge thanks and a big hug to Tom, Flabs, Baka, DD, CN, HP, Whitey, Lee, Davey, Tree, Kayla, FP, simsample, Zandvoort, Omini, Nilxis, adonispluto, Swatme101, melanise, Gamineannie, sleepalldaypartyallnight, Volvenom, and all the others who were involved in the process but I can't remember a name of now.. + ashillion for the textures

Important - Change log
12.5.2011: I had trouble with the files, and re-uploaded them. Should be all good now. Please see the comments by me for more info.
13.5.2011: Changed game requirement due the crashes people where having, that are caused by not having WA/Ambitions
2.9.2011: Added save-file for Finnington pre this upload, so you can snatch the lots there if you wish Save file deleted August 1st 2012, too badly outdated.