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Multiple Wick Candle Script

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Uploaded: 5th May 2011 at 9:06 PM
Updated: 8th Mar 2012 at 8:05 PM - Added Tutorial Link
This is a script that enables multiple wicks for Candle objects.

It isn't an object, just a script, so including it won't automatically make you have fancy candles. What it will do is enable other objects that have been designed to use it to have multiple flames.

Sunhair has a nice tutorial for creating multiple wick candles ---> here

Included in this post are the actual script as well as an example object based on this object by orangemittens

Note: If you download and install the attached version of the ring candle by orangemittens, it will replace her original object.

Notes for Installation
This is required to be installed for any custom multi-wick candles; install like any other custom content.
This is an enabler script, it doesn't do anything unless you have a candle that has been created to use the script. There is an example candle included in the downloads to demonstrate how it functions.

If you need assistance to install this script or other packages, please see TS3 CC Basics

If you have already installed a multiple flame candle, you may already have this installed. You only need one copy installed.

Potential Conflicts and Compatibility
This is a stand-alone script mod, there are no known potential conflicts.
This mod is compatible with the base game and all EPs and SPs and uses game provided strings so it should work in any language version of the game.

Content Sharing Policy
Please place a link back to this page in your download so that people can get the script.

Additional Credits:
PLJones for S3PE orangemittens for allowing me to use her ring candles as an example
JWong for inspiration and testing

Examples of multiple wick candles
Mira Teyon Bedroom Candles Conversion Multi Flamed Candles