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Totally Plastered: The Bright Blues

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 23rd May 2011 at 11:34 PM
Before I start this, I want to say two things, in order to answer questions that I've been regularly asked in PMs/comments about these sets:

1) I've had quite a number of people ask me if I'm planning to make any of these with moldings or wainscoting or quoining or other sorts of trim. The answer is no because a) I'd go stark raving insane if I tried to make 1600+ plus walls with multiple different trims each and b) I don't have to. I HIGHLY recommend that you get CatherineTCJD's wall overlays here and here. She took all of the Maxis interior and exterior wall trims and made them into overlays so that they can be placed on ANY wall. So if you want one of these walls with, say, crown molding or with timbering or tile or any other trim in the game, you can use those overlays and make it yourself very easily, which is flipping awesome.

2) I've been asked if I plan to do other textures. The answer is a qualified yes. Now, I can 100% guarantee that I will never, ever do all 1600+ walls in a different finish. However, if someone wanted to take on an absolutely insane project and make such sets, I'll be more than happy to give you the hex codes for all 1620 colors so that your sets will match mine whether or not you choose to share what you make. If you're insane and interested, feel free to PM me. That said, I do have definite plans to make the following:

a) Very rough and pebbly stuccos of some of the colors in each family specifically for exteriors. I will also probably make recolored concrete stairs and concrete/cement floors to match those colors I pick to make in stucco, because I usually use those things in conjunction with each other.
b) Some matching tile walls and floors for, specifically, bathrooms.
c) Brick for both walls and floors in some of the "earthier" and more neutral colors, and perhaps also some rock and block for trim and for foundations. My own brick selection, especially, is pretty darn pitiful, and I want some expanded options.
d) Some "aluminum" siding for exteriors, likely in a selection of mid-range colors across the spectrum.

Now, that said, if anyone has a specific request for textures/colors, I'm open to them but cannot guarantee that I will make it and/or that I can/will make it quickly. However, if you know how to make stuff yourself (or want to learn how; walls are easy and there are plenty of tutorials around) and you want to make some stuff in some of these colors, feel free to PM me with the colors you're interested in, and I'll give you the hex code(s) for that/those colors. That way, you'll have the right color to start with, at least. The rest will be up to you.

OK, NOW we can move on to the actual download.

Well, as promised on the last set, here we are with the Bright Blues. Since they're the brights, these definitely veer toward the teal/turquoise/aqua end of the spectrum, and there are a lot of them. If you want what I consider to be "real blues," then just wait a bit. You'll have more than you ever need in the next couple of blue sets.

Anyway, if you haven't looked at one of these sets before and you're wondering what the hell I'm doing and how this project is organized, go have a look at the description on, for instance, this set.

For those of you who do know the drill by now, here are the "color cards" for the Bright Blues:

For a bit of variety, the sample pics this time are the six colors of Card 2 from dark to light, on interior walls, where the color differences show more clearly:

For comparison's sake, here's a pic of the same six colors on an exterior wall so that you can see how the same colors look in exterior light because it's a pretty big difference:

And that's it! Thanks for having a look, and I hope that you might find these useful.