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"Slates and Sheets" - Metal and Slate Roof Textures

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Uploaded: 10th Oct 2011 at 9:14 PM
BAM! New Roof Texture!

Apartment Life for TS2 had those awesome roof pieces. I originally tried converting them, but had some scaling issues (no surprise there!) So, I did the next best thing. I ripped apart the texture files and made it into an actual roof. From there, I made ten recolors, because sets are freakin' awesome. Then, Morph was all like "Make me slates, I need slates" so I did and threw them into this upload (because one roof set is just lame.)


- 10 colors
- Perfect for beach homes / community lots
- Completely new texture


- 10 colors
- Perfect for any kind of house + fantasy lots
- Maxis recolor


- 10 colors
- Perfect for suburban homes
- Maxis recolor


All located in, of course, the roof section! That is all for now guys - I hope to see some really cool new lots using these

Happy simming!

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Additional Credits:
Armiel + Morphead --- For being so super awesome