Delilah Waldorf

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Delilah Waldorf wasn't interested in going into the family business or being married off as a trophy wife, so she abandoned her trust fund and cushy lifestyle and found her own way, using her artistic and literary talents to enter journalism school. Though it meant she had to wait tables to pay the bills, it gave her a sense of accomplishment worth far more than money. Still, she can't escape her upbringing entirely; she has a regal bearing and a quiet dignity that many perceive as snobbishness, so she tends to stay quiet lest someone make fun of her upper-crust accent.

Custom content used:

You will need to download these items for Delilah to look in your game as she does in my pictures:

Delilah does not use any special sliders or extra slider settings (unlike many of my sims). Delilah is packaged with base game hair (and default skin), so you will need to put the hair on her in Create-a-Sim. A few of her items are from various expansions (her shirt is from Pets, and I think her eye shadow is from Generations) but none are necessary for her overall look.