Rowboat On A Rope

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Uploaded 8th Apr 2010 at 7:40 PM · Updated 13th Mar 2011 at 4:37 PM by leroy157 : Update to use in CAW

Rowboat on a Rope,This was made due to requests for it when I did the Dock with Rowboat, at that time I had requests for this object also. The Rowboat on a Rope occupies 2 X 10 Tiles, but only requires a 1 X 3 tile area to set, This allows you to put it on a lots edge extending out into the water 7 tiles beyond the lots edge. Level a 1 X 3 area as close to the water level as possible on your lot, usually 1 tile above water level. Place the rowboat on rope, then after placing use the terrain smoothing tool to smooth out the area around it to make it look natural. There are no recolor able items in this mesh. This Rowboat on a Rope can be found in Buy Mode, Lawn Ornaments. for a value of 600. It can be used on a community or residential lot. The package works with the Sims 3 Basic Game and all updates and expansion sets to date. Poly Count = 8,718. This is also translated to all available languages. I have updated the package to be used in CAW with the simple modification listed elseware on this site and the file is now in zip format

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