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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2011 at 8:54 PM
Updated: 14th Dec 2011 at 8:36 PM

Hello everyone!

This is my first upload in quite a long time, but I hope that it's size covers the gap between this upload, and my last. Floriana is a Roman villa I built for the Ancient world-theme. I started making it right after we announced the theme, so making it took me longer than any lot ever. Just look at the size of that thing :D

I had actually given up on it, and was about to hand it over at #create for anyone who felt like decorating, a lot, but for my disappointment (or for my win) no-one had time for such a massive lot. So they encouraged me to carry on with it instead. I'm happy that I did, and am now proud to present you my biggest individual lot so far.


The lot is a renovated Roman villa. All of it's owners have wanted to keep it's original look, and have thus only kept it in shape. There are a few modern time items, such as the fridge and stove, but most is still old style. Keeping in mind that I wanted to do this without any CC or store items, I had to improvise a little


  • Built around 4 courtyards
  • Separate areas for family, servants, relaxation and animals
  • Lush gardens, fountains, terraces, balconies

  • 8 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • Spa
  • Shrine of White
  • Library
  • Souveniers
  • Playroom
  • Cat's room
  • and many others

There are also some skill items, such as the easel, and sculpting station. Romans love wine, so there is a winery too, and a garden to grow more plants.

The rooms are furnished and decorated quite loosely (I know, not my style at all!), so when you wanna add those modern day luxuries (if you do), you have plenty of room to do so.

And like I said, there is no CC or Store items!

Of course, my luck, a lot big like this cannot be fully problem free (well they should, this is my luck), so there is one minor issue...

Known issue, and how to solve:
The front gate to the horse yard. When I playtested, the horses used it with no issues. When I packed the lot/binned it, they could not use the gate. So I took the gate and replaced it, the horses could use it. I saved and binned the lot, then placed it again, the horses could not use it. I started to get angry at it. I tried to place the gate again, and the horses would still not use it. Then I tired placing the lot from bin again, the horses would not use the gate. I placed the gate again, the horses did use the gate. So I exported this version.

So, if you download this and have issues with horses and the front gate (LN celeb gate)...
- Try placing it again (you will need moveobjects on cheat
- If that doesn't help, either replace the lot from bin, or simply just delete the gate.

I left the gate cause it seems to work occasionally, and if you do not have horses, there will be no issues. Oh, and the other gate to no-horse yard - The horses CAN use that one, and is placed in the same way, in identical wall formation. Mysterious are the ways of gates. :P

I hope that you will enjoy this lot, as much as I enjoy looking at it now that it's finished

ps. The lot is heavy with flowers and lots of objects, so placing it from bin, and changing between buy and play etc. may take a little while, how much depends on your computer.

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price: 325841/121573

Additional Credits:
Thank you Srikandi, for making me start the house, and for your kind comments!

Thank you for everyone at #create who helped me with this, mentally and on ideas too!

Especially Whitey, Heaven, Missroxor and Jaguwar.

I have HP's Altered plants installed, so my little pink flowers look cute and gently pink and awesome, but if you do not have the mod and do not wish to use it, your pink little flowers will simply look like they look normally in game - eye-burning pink.