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Buyable & Driveable Ice Cream Truck & Animal Control Van

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2012 at 9:09 PM
Updated: 19th Oct 2013 at 1:39 PM - Confirm 1.38 Compatibility
No Update Is Required For Patch 1.63 and Into the Future

What This Mod Does

This mod allows the two non-purchaseable and non-driveable vehicles (i.e. the Ice Cream Truck and the Animal Control Van) from the Sims 3 Pets Expansion pack to be purchased in Build/Buy mode and be used as vehicles so that you can keep your collection of hidden/non purchaseable EA vehicles that are purchaseable and driveable at 100% complete.

Specific Changes Made For The Two Vehicles

The Price for the Ice Cream Truck has been changed from 0 to §25000 and the price for the Animal Control Van has been changed from 0 to §50000 (given its larger size); and

Both vehicles have been set to allow placement Outside (so they can also be placed on Community Lots).

Speed wise, the Ice Cream truck has a speed of 5 and the Animal Control Van has a speed of 4). I felt it was more suitable to give the Animal Control Van a slower speed below 5 given the vehicles larger size. I also made sure the correct speed number displays when the preview caption comes up for the vehicles.


NOTE 1: The Ice Cream Truck as a vehicle is a cloned version of the original Ice Cream Truck that has a unique instance number compared to the default Ice Cream Truck in the game. Given this, it does NOT override the existing Ice Cream Truck or any of its settings, nor does it affect the ability to purchase Ice Cream treats from the Ice Cream Truck that drives around town. However, for the Driveable Ice Cream Truck that is listed under Vehicles in Build/Buy mode for §25,000 as a vehicle, because it references a car script to act as a driveable vehicle, you can't purchase Ice Cream from that version of the Ice Cream Truck that is under the Vehicles section of Build/Buy mode.

NOTE 2: I have found an issue with the Ice Cream Truck when I was playing around with it, and that is that there are certain parts of the Ice Cream Truck (i.e. the greenish-blue bits on the sides and the top) that CANNOT be recolored (see attached screenshot below) and as a result, the truck won't look so great when recolored in extreme color ranges (i.e. black and white).

This is as a result of the way EA have made the texture for the Ice Cream Truck. As user BloomsBase has explained "You cannot recolor those parts, [because] they are linked to a separate overlay texture which has its own UV coordinates". It's something that is possible to fix and I'm still looking into the possibility of re-doing the texture for the Ice Cream so the Ice Cream Truck is fully recolorable, but I just didn't think the issue was serious enough to warrant further delay in making this vehicle playable to players right now in the interim.

NOTE 3: Given that both of these vehicles have greater total height than most vehicles in-game, part of the vehicle(s) will stick out of the roof IF you use a flat roof on your garage. This is only an issue if you use the flat roof (see attachment) and won't occur when using standard rooves that a have bit of height to them from the base (basically everything else).


This mod was made with the latest 1.29 patch, but in order to use this mod properly, you'll need to have the Pets Expansion Pack installed considering the modified cloned vehicles comes from data for that particular expansion pack.


Both the cloned & modified Ice Cream Truck and Animal Control Van have unique instance numbers for the Object Data Files [OBJD] (i.e. 0x9B85429EDE11304E for the Ice Cream Truck [carTruckIceCream OBJD] and 0xFA932A44B90EFFF1for the Animal Control Van [carBusHorse OBJD] respectively) rather than overwrite the original default instance numbers (i.e. 0x000000000098A9D4 for the Ice Cream Truck [carTruckIceCream OBJD] and 0x000000000098AAB0 for the Animal Control Van [carBusHorse OBJD] respectively) so these vehicles DO NOT conflict with the default Service vehicles in-game and their functions (i.e. being able to buy Ice Cream Treats and/or call Animal Control to get rid of Raccoons). The only way there could be any conflicts with this mod is if you happen to be using another mod that has cloned the Ice Cream Truck and Animal Control van and uses the exact same unique instance numbers as this mod for the two vehicles (i.e. 0x9B85429EDE11304E for the Ice Cream Truck [carTruckIceCream OBJD] and 0xFA932A44B90EFFF1for the Animal Control Van [carBusHorse OBJD] respectively) but i'm not aware of any such mod that is currently in existence.


Simply drag and drop/cut & paste/copy & paste the .package files into your Mods\Packages as normal.

Additional Credits:
Inge Jones and BloomsBase for their input regarding the Ice Cream Truck, S3PE/S3OC and its developers and MTS for hosting this upload.