Mira Teyon Bedroom Candles Conversion Multi Flamed Candles

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2011 at 10:23 PM
Updated: 31st Dec 2011 at 10:04 PM
I haven't uploaded anything in a while so I thought I would upload these candles I did these are conversion of Mira's Teyon Teen Bedroom Candles. She's now a retired artist who was a creator on bps . These are fully functional multi flamed candles.

I first started doing multi flamed candles in December 2010 it all started in Inge Jones chat I started chatting to atavera and granthes asking them if it was even remotely possible to do this and what would be required. Needless to say Granthes created a custom script mod for me so I could do multiple flamed candles. So I really owe him for creating his mod so I can create these types pf candles.

Anyway I really loved these candles in ts2 so I decided to convert them these were completely remapped the inside of the candle holder was completely remade thanks to om for that They have 3 castable channels the candles being the first channel and the holders being the second and the third channel. These also come with a Collection file to make it easier to find them.

You will need to have ambitions and be patched to 1.26 and will need Granthes Multiple Wick Candle Script mod located hereGranthes Multiple Wick Candle Script mod in order for these to function. See related downloads page to grab it. These can be found under misc decor if you choose not to use the collection they cost 2 simoleons each.
Ok on to the images

The first image is of the first channel I had to do the pics this way as it was really difficult to get a pic of all 3 channels showing at once esp with castable glass

2nd and 3rd channel

First Preset

2nd Preset

Polygon Counts:
High Lod
Polygon 832
Vertices 956
Distinct Vertices 760

Group 0 16 polygon
Group 1 512 Polygon
Group 2 304 polygon

Low Lod
Polygon 408
Vertices 528
Distinct Vertices 381

Group 0 272 polygon

Group 1 136 Polygon

High Shadow
Polygon 816
Vertices 940
Distinct Vertices 744

Group 0 816 Polygon

Shadow Low
Polygon 408
Vertices 528
Distinct Vertices 381

Group 0 408 Polygon

Additional Credits:
Mira,Granthes,Atavera,Inge and Peter Jones, Tsr Ws, Pocci for the table I used in my screenshots Abyss mini set end table with bird legs ,Orange Mittens