Functioning Storage Lockers

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2013 at 1:54 AM
Updated: 16th Jun 2013 at 1:54 AM by HugeLunatic
It kinda bothered me that the lockers that came with Ambitions were just for show.. So I did some fiddling around and Made them Actually usable as Storage. (with Treeag's help)

(Please note, this is a Clone of an existing Decorative Object which I edited with S3PE to use Treeag's Misc-Storage Script.) Meaning that it adds a new item to the game and *it requires another package to work

Located in: Living / Misc. Decor / Misc. Storage
Name: Exo Lockers
Price: 200

Poly Counts:
Group 0 - 30 faces
Group 1- 972 faces
(Exactly the same as "sculptureFloorLockers" aka "Gear Stow" -- *No Changes Made to the Object itself)

This item doesn't do anything without:

Treeag's Storage Mod
Compatibility: 1.22/2.16/3.12/4.9/5.7/6.4/7.2/8.0 and up.

It's always recommended that you patch your game to the latest version, but this should work with any and all versions. I'm using 1.38

This is my first and only project so far. I'll let you guys know what else I come up with. Hope you like it =)

Additional Credits:
EA designed the lockers, they came with Ambitions EP

Treeag provides the awesome mod script you'll need to make it work
Get it HERE
( )