*TESTING* Modern Elevators - Updated to 1.48

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2012 at 4:43 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2013 at 1:15 PM - Update
First ever object... Why, oh why did I choose the elevator?

I've always had a childish fascination with elevators. When I got LateNight I couldn't wait to get placing elevators all over my mansions. Much to my dismay, they were ArtDeco themed, and so didn't fit in ANYWHERE.
As ever, when I find something I dislike, I decide to attempt to remedy the problem myself, usually only making myself more insane in the process.

Here is the modern elevator. Works just like a normal elevator, but has +2 sexiness.

In order to change the interior, and also to remove the effects which didn't fit anymore I've had to clone the elevator classes as well as everything else. These new classes do not overwrite the old ones, so the Deco elevators will still function perfectly.
Due to the copied classes; Deco Elevators will not interact with Modern Elevators in the same stack and vice versa, but I'm inclined to consider this more of a feature than a bug. ;P
The new classes also make use of their own cloned tuning files. If you like the elevators faster than default (or indeed slower,) this is still possible. The XML files contained in the package are the same layout as the original elevator.

CASTable Channels
The exterior model makes use of all four channels:
  • A - Doors
  • B - Frame, Screen Surround, Button Panel
  • C - Button Panel Surround, Button Backdrops
  • D - Buttons
The interior, unfortunately, is not designable. However the color is changeable with the "Set Light Color" debug interaction.

There are four texture presets to chose from, each with their own overlays.
  • 1 - Small triangle key in door corner
  • 2 - Scratches on door
  • 3 - Both
  • 4 - Blank

There are two features which I've not yet managed to get working.
My intentions are to make the screen above the door display arrows while moving and possibly which floor the elevator is currently on (changing the logic so that there is no wait on call if elevator is on the current floor.) However I'm struggling to find a decent way to display things on the screen. (Still looking.)
I also intended (and still intend) the shiny face at the back of the interior to be a mirror, but as of yet I have not managed to get this to happen.
With those two small missing features considered, I've decided to (pre)release the elevator as there are buildings which call for the modern look, and everything else seems to be working perfectly.
Bugs Found
Sims don't seem to be able to route through the elevator when told to use some objects, if there are no deco elevators also connecting the floors. (Weird bug, working on it.)

The extra features
The mirror is working! The elevator has an extra slot, which a mirror is attached to before the doors open. Shortly after the doors close, the mirror is removed, so the mirror isn't rendered unless you can see it. (Thanks again to cmomoney for helping with the slot editor.)
This has also given me an idea for how to do the screen, but I need a rest for a bit now. =P

Patch Notes
(30/01/13) V5
  • Rebuilt for version 1.48.
(29/02/12) V4
  • Changed how the mirror is referenced to fix a pretty serious, but rare bug where the elevator would start creating duplicate mirrors.
(28/02/12) V3
  • Removed interactions from mirror. (They were actually pretty cool. Sims could check themselves out in the elevator, but they broke the logic and ultimately had to go. ;P)
  • Fixed mirror sticking out from elevator shaft mesh on walls down.
(28/02/12) V2
  • Got the mirror working. ;D
  • Removed some debug left in... Oops.
(23/02/12) V1 - Initial Release

I generally make things for my own use, rarely uploading my creations. However I think that a modern elevator is something that was extremely lacking, and I hope that you find it useful.

Catalog Location: Build > Stairs > Elevators
Price: 1500

Built with version: 1.29 (EP10/Pets)
Compatible with: All versions since LateNight (In theory.)

Polygon Counts:
Lod 0 - Verts: 1055 | Tris: 698
Lod 1 - Verts: 917 | Tris: 512

Lod 0 - Verts: 270 | Tris: 258
Lod 1 - Verts: 152 | Tris: 146

Additional Credits:
Peter Jones - S3PE <3
cmomoney - Blender 2.6 TS3 Tools
Inge Jones - TextureTweaker3
Blender Foundation - Blender
Adobe - PhotoShop CS3
TSR People - TSR Workshop (A bit...)