Modular Skylight Kits

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Uploaded: 1st Mar 2012 at 2:15 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2012 at 12:41 PM
These set of modular pieces will allow you to enhance your plain roofs with skylights. These are my first custom objects for The Sims 3.

As can be seen on the pictures above, these sets are very versatile. There shouldn't be many impossible combinations of coverable holes in a roof.
It looks nice from the outside, but the inside is even better:

And that's not where it ends - you can use these pieces for awnings, greenhouses, modern shelters, gazebos and more as well.


All items can be found in the roof decorations category.

Skylight Set 1
This is the main set. It contains of 24 pieces with a standard size of 1m x 1m and a height of 0.5m.
NamePricePolygonsPattern channels
Skylight 1 Corner Inside50662
Skylight 1 Corner Inside Diagonal50662
Skylight 1 Corner Outside50603
Skylight 1 Corner Outside Diagonal50603
Skylight 1 End Center25323
Skylight 1 End Center Diagonal25323
Skylight 1 End Center Diagonal Half25323
Skylight 1 End Left25223
Skylight 1 End Left Diagonal25223
Skylight 1 End Right25223
Skylight 1 End Right Diagonal25223
Skylight 1 Side50443
Skylight 1 Side Diagonal50443
Skylight 1 Side Diagonal Half25443
Skylight 1 Top25322
Skylight 1 Top 1x235322
Skylight 1 Top 2x250322
Skylight 1 Top Diagonal25302
Skylight 1 Top Diagonal Full25322
Skylight 1 Top Quarter25322
Skylight 1 Top Quarter Diagonal25302
Skylight 1 Top Quarter Diagonal Full25322
Skylight 1 Transition Inside Left25242
Skylight 1 Transition Inside Right25242
Skylight 1 Transition Outside Left25222
Skylight 1 Transition Outside Right25222

Skylight Flat
These pieces can be used to build a flat, horizontal skylight or to enhance the other sets.
NamePricePolygonsPattern channels
Skylight Flat35322
Skylight 1 Top 1x250322
Skylight 1 Top 2x270322
Skylight Flat Diagonal35302
Skylight Flat Diagonal Full35322
Skylight Flat Quarter35322
Skylight Flat Quarter Diagonal35302
Skylight Flat Quarter Diagonal Full35322

  1. Build a flat roof (only floor tiles)
  2. Delete desired floor pieces (use Ctrl + F to switch to diagonal pieces)
  3. !Important! Enable "moveobjects on" cheat (Ctrl + Shift + C to open console)
  4. Navigate to roof decorations in the buy menu, buy and place the right pieces

It's like a puzzle sometimes but you'll figure it out. If you build the skylights first, you can't remove the floor tiles, so follow the order.

  • In order to make sunlight enter your room, you need more than a certain percentage of the roof removed (about 50%). I'm not sure if this value is changeable. It'd be appreciated if someone looked into this and lowers the percentage to like 1% (so once one roof tile is missing, sunlight will shine through).
  • These are my first objects. The UV mapping could have been better (there are some technical limitations) but it will do the job. Sometimes the glass or the shadows disappear at certain angles. Please let me know when you encounter any other problems so I can fix them.

Lot creators:
Please don't upload this set with your house, just link to it.

I really hope you like them! If yes and they become quite popular, I might add more sets with bigger pieces and curved skylights!