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Sunsercise Community Gym

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2012 at 3:31 PM
After an annual poll left the Sunset Valley local government as the least liked in the entire nation for the fifth year in a row, they decided that things needed to change. Renovations of many public facilities were commissioned, with budgets that would leave them in deficit for decades to come. The second completed of Sunset Valley's town makeover project, Sunsercise Community Gym was designed by a group of young architects in Simcity. It's name was chosen by one of the contractors employed for the project, who is a huge fan of compound words...

This is a 'replacement' for Sunset Valley's gym, and is on a 32 x 40 lot, as with the old one. It includes male and female change rooms on the lower level, as well as smaller ones upstairs; a pool and café on the first level; and a fitness centre on the upper level featuring treadmills, chin-up bars, strength machines and a large dance studio.

All objects on the lot have been tested for accessibility, however the computer in the reception is not usable and is only meant to be decorative.

No custom content has been used in this lot.
This lot is marked as requiring all EPs and SPs that I have used content from.

Lot Size: 32x40
Lot Price: §169,333