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"Diamond Crystals" - Contact Lenses

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Uploaded: 25th May 2012 at 8:22 PM

About the Lenses: These contact lenses are made to be better looking than the default EA eyes. A nice overall color with a recolorable shine for a stunning look. The pupil was smudged nicely to blend with the iris.

Contact lenses info:
- Available for both genders.
- Available for child - elder.
- Available for every clothing section (including career and nude)
- They will NOT replace the default eyes. They are contact lenses and can be selected in the Costume section in C-A-S
- 3 channels to re-colour: The Iris ; The Shine (white parts around the pupil) ; The Sclera (the white part)
- The texture was handpainted by me, so you can not re-use it.
- For maximum quality it's suggested that you use the HQ Mod by aWT

Custom Content Credits:

Additional Credits:
Traelia for constant whining about the iris' size lol
Capital Sims for the amazing tutorial
Tumblr and Creative Chat
My amazing final exams for bugging me to death
My crappy art skills