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Sliding bookcase " Hidden door " - Up to 27 deco slots + BONUS !!

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Uploaded: 20th Sep 2012 at 2:24 PM
Updated: 26th Aug 2013 at 10:48 PM
Works with the base game patch 1.31.118 and higher thanks to EsmeraldaF for testing it

Hey guys,It's me again

Finally, I've been working on this project the last 6-7 months about half a year trying to fix every piece in this upload , The last month I couldn't fix a problem and I decided to gave up and to delete all this upload cause it was a massive problem in 3 sliding bookcases but thanks to my Bro <3 he fixed all the problems " and I tested it over 100000 times, It works with the game without any problems " Hope you like the Idea and all the objects included in the upload. Enjoy !!

Note :

- These bookcases hidden door don't function as bookcase " your Sims can't grab a book and read from the bookcase " , They consists of deco slots that bind to the sliding door for your clutters and deco objects.
- Made and tested with The Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack Version " "

Contents of the upload :

This upload consists of 18 objects in two sets, The fist set called "Sliding Bookcase Set" consists of 5 objects 3 versions of the sliding bookcase hidden door ( without shelves , Separators or clutters ) The bookcases extracted from the Sims 3 Bookcase " I modified them and fixed the UV map and bind arch door to them " so they have the same multiplier map of the game. the other 2 objects are the shelf " with 3 deco slots and the separator. see picture below

The other set called "Sliding Bookcase Clutters" and consists of 13 objects, 9 of them Mini book stacks with different styles, The other 3 books " BONUS " and LG TV that I made specially to fit in the bookcase and it can be put on the shelves. see picture below

Object information :

In this set each bookcase bind to arch door that " doesn't animate or move with the bookcase " and the bookcase is fully functionally as a door but with slots to fit the shelves and the separator in, I tried to lower the poly counts of every single object in this upload as much as possible and they still look pretty. Below are the detailed informations about object's names, prices, channels, poly counts, number of slots, and catalog location.

Object namePriceChannelsPoly count Faces (High/Low )SlotsLocation in the game
Sliding bookcase hidden door9002504/48011Build mode/Doors
Sliding bookcase hidden door version 210003628/49011Build mode/Doors
Sliding bookcase hidden door version 312003652/49011Build mode/Doors
Sliding Bookcase Shelf20130/123Surfaces/Misc Surfaces
Sliding Bookcase Separator30130/10-Surfaces/Misc Surfaces

Object namePriceChannelsPoly count Faces (High/Low )SlotsLocation in the game
Mini book stack - 150-74/72-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 250-88/86-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 350-50/48-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 450-72/70-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 550-84/82-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 650-24/20-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 750-24/20-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 850-24/20-Decor/Misc Decor
Mini book stack - 950-24/20-Decor/Misc Decor
Stackable Book 130-106/881Decor/Misc Decor
Stackable Book - R230-106/881Decor/Misc Decor
Stackable Book - R330-106/881Decor/Misc Decor
LG - LCD Television7003190/176-Decor/Misc Decor

How does it work :

This set is castable as you see so you can create your own Bookcase using the shelf and the separator you can skip shelf and leave the other, put 2 separators or no separators and finally you can organize the books on the shelves. As I told you before this bookcase works as a door so you can hide a room behind the secret door and click on it and lock the the door for every one except you so you can hide your Sims's precious things lol,and if you want to put the bookcase in the living room or the bed room don't forget to put the Tv in the bookcase so your Sims can watch Tv While the other Sims can pass through the door " just saying " see picture below

Note: -Each Bookcase " Hidden door " has 1 foot print so you can put them beside each other and they still work also " I fixed the the bookcase on the diagonal walls " so they work now on the diagonal walls pretty good " see picture 11 below.

BONUS !! :

Well the Bonus objects are " Stackable Book 1, Stackable Book - R2 ,Stackable Book - R3 " They came with 3 colors " Blue, green , red " and they can't be recolored, The new thing is that each book has one deco slot above it so you can make a pile of books
Note: make sure that the pile of books doesn't reach more than 14 book in order to be put on any surface

Additional Credits :

Sry for my bad English and * Special thanks to : To my bro for fixing all the Sliding bookcases ,HystericalParoxysm " She inspired me to start this project and for bothering her a lot lol "

Polygon Counts:
See above