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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2012 at 4:52 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2012 at 11:44 PM
Nordic or Scandinavian Windows

This set consists of two parts, one with three windows without glazing bars, "crossbars", mullions or whatever it's called in English. All windows are of typical plain Nordic or Scandinavian design, and very common here.
The other two "Standard" windows are really the same window but in two versions, the fully closed and an open window.
The windows can easily be combined and placed side by side, and therefore give the impression of a larger window.
The paned windows can be combined with those without glazing bars, because they have same heights.

The windows are adapted to the kitchen counters and fit well in rural kitchens.

(PS. Everything you can see in the picture above is EA or my own creation which you can download here at MTS)

Name, expenses

NormalNordicPanoramic $ 75
NormalNordicWithoutCrossbars $ 75
NordicMAXIWithoutCrossbars $ 115
NordicStandard $ 75
StandardWindowOpen $ 75

All windows have four color channels

Polygon Counts:
NormalNordicPanoramic 444 vertices and 224 faces
NormalNordicWithoutCrossbars 626 vertices and 300 faces
NordicMAXIWithoutCrossbars 772 vertices and 456 faces
NordicStandard 460 vertices and 238 faces
StandardWindowOpen 592 vertices and 306 faces

Additional Credits:
As always I want to thank all the developers of the programs and tools I use and all the helpful people here and there.