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Vinny Rourke - Private Investigator

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 10th Mar 2013 at 10:38 PM
Updated: 10th Mar 2013 at 11:46 PM by Guysim1993
Vincent (a.k.a Vinny Rourke)

Vinny Rourke has been Sunset Valley's first and only private detective, ever since the mystery of the Landgrabb's missing Victorian statues. He may be a grumpy man, but he sure does get what his clients want, whether it involves finding somone's missing mouthwash to a gun fight in an abandoned apartment. Vinny used to work for Sunest Valley's police force, however, they never really took his views into account and never agreed to his tough decisions.

- Brooding
- Brave
- Grumpy
- Perceptive
- Rebellious

Lifetime Wish:
- Persuasive Private Eye


- Cheesesteak

- Country

- Black

Sliders Used:

If you want Vinny to look exactly as he does in the screenshots, he does required a few sliders if you want him to look exactly the way he looks in the pictures above, or else his facial features will snap back if you decide to tweak some of them! You'll need the following if you want Vinny to look exactly as he does as I have showed him in the pictures:

- I've used Twallan's MasterController for it's Slider Multipliers, which raises the maximum and minimum range for the sliders in CAS (I have used the multiplier x3 to create Vinny's facial features, and x2 for the body sliders such as weight and muscle mass), and it increases the number of sliders the can be used in CAS (which is necessary for the sliders I have used) If you don't want to use MasterController, you can use Awesomemod , or aWT's Slider Hack (please check your latest patch and see if it's compatible with any of the three mods listed above before downloading any one of them!).

Here are the extra sliders I have used to create Vinny. You don't need /every/ one of these, however, if you want him to look exactly like he is in the screenshots, this is what you will need in your game:

- Bella3lek4's Sliders
- Chin To Neck Slider by Wotjek
- Tum Tum's Chin Cleft Slider
- Johna's Head Slider

Genetics CC:

- Lapiz's Hair Mesh #10 - Blue
- Tamo's Ultra-Plain Tricolour Default Eyes
- Nilou's Bubblegum Face Replacements
- HP's Increased Texture Detail Body Replacements
- Simple Life's Beard 1
- TummyZa's Custom Body Hair Overlay

Clothing CC:

Vinny is packaged with base game clothing, however, his trousers seen in his Everyday, Formal and Outerwear are from Supernatural, and the shoes seen in his Everyday and Formal are from Showtime. Here are the extra bits of clothing I have used on Vinny for the screenshots, so grab them if you really want them!

- Pixel Things Battleface
- Kitty Klan's Eye Baggage
- Astraea Nevermore's Simple Fingerless Gloves
- Uirty's Cigarette Accessory
- Kitty Klan's Tribal Mash-Up Tattoo
- EA Store's Le Cirque Nouveau- All Around Performer Top
- EA Store's Too Cool for Art School Hoodie

Vinny is packaged with Base Game clothing and hair!

So that's it guys! I really hope you guys like him and I will be very happy to hear your thoughts on him! Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
- Special thank you to everybody in the "The Sims 3 Male Pictures" thread that click on the "Love" button below some screenies I posted of Vinny!
- Thanks to my friend, Ian, for helping me think of a great name for this Sim!
- Thanks to thewatcheruatu for letting me know their fondness for Vinny and how much they wanted me to upload him!