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Romantic Socials TYAE - Same Sex - Revised

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 19th Apr 2013 at 2:23 AM
Updated: 20th Jun 2014 at 2:40 PM

WORKING WITH - Patch 1.63 -1.67
By Default, Teens cannot get married, woohoo, or try for baby. Elders and Same Sex cannot try for baby. With a host of tuning files that I have edited and played the game with for nearly 2 years now, teens thru elders and same sex partners can do all the things adult female/male partners could do, with some exceptions.

  • Your game needs to be patched to 1.63 or higher as this mod may not work on any previous patches. Attempting to do so is NOT recommended
  • This is a tuning mod, not a script or core mod - IT WILL NOT SHOW UP IN THE NOTIFICATIONS WHEN YOU START THE GAME, NO TUNING MOD DOES.
  • Enables Teens thru Elders to be able to woohoo, try for baby, propose marriage, and get married
  • Teen interactions are Teen to Teen ONLY
  • Teens need a double bed available to woohoo etc, (this means a double bed not being used or owned by any other sim)
  • Same Sex interactions are available, but this mod does nothing to promote it. You decide if you wish to take advantage of it.
  • Teens and Same Sex partners cannot Try for Baby from the bed, it must be from a standing social. (though it is possible for them to do this autonomously)
  • Teens cannot sleep in the same bed with out a mod like Sleep Freedom
  • Occasionally sims get stuck in bed. Direct them to sleep, then wake them, and they should be ok. If not, use the resetsim cheat.
  • Female/Female Try For Baby: initiating sim will get pregnant
  • Male/Male Try for Baby: receiving sim will get pregnant
  • If you get a teen or male pregnant, you will need maternity clothes, otherwise you will get the "floating head" sim.
  • Teens who have the baby at the hospital after Curfew will get picked up unless you have a mod which alters their curfew.
  • This mod includes the ability for males, teens, and elders to go to the hospital or have the baby at home, if you remove this mod and one of those sims is pregnant, they will get stuck in perpetual labor.
  • With patch 1.42, EA introduced the New Attraction System. For example, sims with the same traits are more likely to be attracted. It will have an impact on Romantic Socials. There are a few mods which have attempted to reduce or eliminate Romance Visibility, using one will not conflict with this mod.

--- HaveBaby_Hospital , HaveBabyHome_Lot , HaveBaby_Hospital , CuddleRelaxingVibrate_Sim , CuddleSeatedWooHooSauna_Sim , BedRelax_Bed , BedVibrate_Bed , BedCuddleTarget_Sim , CuddleRelaxing_Sim , CuddleRelaxingKiss_Sim , CuddleRelaxingMakeOut_Sim , CuddleSeated_Sim , CuddleSeatedKiss_Sim , CuddleSeatedMakeOut_Sim , CuddleSeatedWooHoo_Sim , TryForBaby_Hottub , TryForBaby_Sarcophagus , TryForBaby_Sim , TryForBaby_TimeMachine , TryForBaby_Treehouse , TryForBaby_WooHooInBoxOfMystery , TryForBabyInShower_IShowerable , WooHoo_0x6b0c436509c90a09 , WooHooInitiator_FairyHouse , WooHoo_PhotoBooth , WooHoo_Sarcophagus , WooHoo_TimeMachine , WooHoo_Treehouse , WooHooCaravanA_Sim , WooHooCaravanB_Sim , oohooHayStackB_Sim , WooHooInBoxOfMystery_BoxOfMystery , WoohooInHayStack_Sim , WooHooInitiator_FairyHouse , WoohooInPileOrStack_Sim , WoohooInPileOrStackB_Sim , WooHooInShower_IShowerable , WooHooInWardrobeA_Sim , WooHooInWardrobeB_Sim , JealousReactionIntense_Sim , JealousReactionMedium_Sim , JealousReactionMild_Sim, Buffs , Bed_0x264bda3a21c61c01 , SocialCallback_0xbf46450a94a5eab2 , SocialComponent_0xd23f83ef7f810490 , SocialData_BaseGame , SocialData_EP3 , SocialData_EP4 , SocialData_EP7 , SocialData_EP9 , WooHoo_ActorTrailer , WooHoo_ElevatorDoors , WooHoo_Sim , WooHooInEiffelTowerWith_RabbitHole , WooHooInRabbitHoleWith_RabbitHole , TryForBaby_FairyHouse , SkinnyDip_HotTub , SkinnyDipFromHotTub_HotTubBase , RomanceVisibilityState_0x3fc441f703927e94 , WooHooSocial_Sim , WoohooInAllInOneBathroom_Sim , WoohooInCave_UnderwaterCave , WoohooInAllInOneBathroomB_Sim , WooHoo_HotairBalloon , WooHooInResortTower_ResortTower , TryForBabyInCave_UnderwaterCave ---


There are only 3 Versions (listed below), I chose the 3 most popular from the old upload to try and eliminate the confusion on which one you need to download for what you want. You can only use 1 version at a time.

Romantic Socials
All Romantic Socials include Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders, and Same Sex. Actions that are not autonomous by default and are still User Directed Only: propose going steady, propose marriage, getting married, woohoo, try for baby.

Romantic SocialsWT
All Romantic Socials include Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders, and Same Sex. Woohoo and Try for Baby are autonomous. Propose going Steady, Propose Marriage, and Getting Married are still User Directed Only.

Auto Romantic Socials
All Romantic Socials include Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elders, and Same Sex are Autonomous.

Actually, it does work. It has worked ever since I started using it, which is why I uploaded it to share with others who might be looking for an alternative as I was. If you are having difficulties:
  1. Make sure all your games are patched to the most current
  2. Make sure you are properly setup to use .package files
  3. Check for conflicts with other mods you are using
  4. If you still have the Mods\Packages folders under Program Files or ever had them under Program Files, Please read Game Help:Installing Sims 3 Package Files/Old Way to New Waywiki
  5. When you post a comment for help, please explain what you were trying to do and what issues you were having. Simply saying "It doesn't work" isn't helpful and will probably be ignored.

userunknown - Autonomous WooHoo + **Try for Baby Updated**
Lostaccount - Same Sex Pregnancy - updated for 1.7.9 and WA
superstition - samesex realism mods
Peter L Jones for S3PE