Romantic Reputation Recombobulator - V2.1.1 (updated 3 March 13)

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Uploaded 18th Jun 2011 at 3:48 PM · Updated 10th Mar 2013 at 5:38 PM by severedsolo : Version 2.1 released

Anyone who has played Generations has probably ran into the Romantic Reputation system by now. That girl your Sim danced with at Prom, way before he met his current partner, remember her? Well your current partner is going to accuse you of cheating on her, and then tank your relationship by -90.

Obviously the system is broken, so here is an early attempt to correct the problem.

Changelog -
  • 03/03/2013 - FINALLY updated to make this mod fully seasons compatible.
  • 3/7/2011 - V2.1 released. Turns out that Married Sim's still get accused by their "other Sim" on a regular basis, so I have fixed that. Also eased up a little, as V2 was a bit too "free and easy" on cheating, and Sim's were getting away with murder (figuratively) when not married. Hopefully this new version will strike a nice balance. See notes below for changes.
  • 21/6/2011 - This Mod is now incompatible with EGC's Jealousy settings when set to "Level 0" (no jealousy at all) as this performs the same function as "KillAll" Level 1, (TS2 style jealousy) seems to be compatible with RRRv2. (haven't checked the others)
  • 19/6/2011 RRR V2 released. While the first version merely reduces the problem, or completely kills it, V2 is my first attempt to actually fix the system. Personally, I like the idea of a Romantic Rep system, I just disagree with the implementation. V2 is now declared stable, as I have had no negative feedback on it. All feedback is appreciated.

Notes: (For an indepth analysis of how the game "scores" cheating, see here: )
V2.1 (only changes from V2 are listed)
  • Chances of being accused for Level 2 and Level 3 has now been changed to 20% across the board. Level 1 romances are still at 0. Should stop married Sims from getting RepRaped as soon as they go to visit the Sim they are cheating on their spouses with, as well as making it a little more difficult to keep extra-marital romances a secret from the spouse. (Only when actually cheating though, romances that are not being pursued are unaffected) (defaults: Level 2 15% (v2 10%) Level 3 40%).
  • Visibility radius reset to default. Nobody was seeing cheating, so you were pretty much getting away scot free.
  • Threshold for Level 2 reset to default. Pretty much same reason as above, I set it too high, Level 2 was never triggering, and so you were getting away scot free all the time.
  • All other functions not changed (including faster visibility decay time).
  • In order to be accused of cheating, the "other romance" must now be Level 2, hopefully solving the "old flame that you never cancelled" problem.
  • The threshold for obtaining a "Level 2" romance has been doubled, meaning that hopefully the system won't kick in for silly things.
  • The "visibility radius" has been halved, meaning that not every Sim and his wife will notice your "naughtiness"
  • Invitations to each others house, and placing phone calls to your "other Sim" will now have a negligible effect on the visibility
  • The visibility of the relationship will now begin to decay after just 1 hour of no contact, rather than 24.
  • The decay rate is now 8x the default, meaning that after 24 hours of no contact, chances are the relationship will no longer be Level 2.
  • The following traits in your Sims partner increase the chance of being accused by 5% (default 10%): FamilyOriented,Good, Childish,CommitmentIssues,HotHeaded,Neurotic
  • Conversely these traits decrease the chance of being accused by 5%: Inappropriate,Flirty,Coward,HopelessRomantic,Carefree,Shy
  • As long as your relationship with your current partner is at least good enough to be "Friends" if you weren't in a relationship, the chances of being accused are halved. (Default "Best Friends" -10% chance) as well as reducing the "Betrayed" Buff's timeout by 6 hours.
  • Sims no longer have a 300% multiplier applied to the chance of telling your partner about cheating.
  • If your Sim is "Eternally Faithful" the chance of being accused is 10% regardless of level (default 15).
  • If caught cheating, your relationship only decreases by 25 not 90.
  • To stop the breakup, you must repair the relationship by 10 (default 25)
  • [new] Above Reproach is actually useful now. It completely eliminates the chance of being accused. (Default -20% chance)

What This Mod Does
It depends which flavour you install. The most basic function of the "50, 25, 10" packages is to reduce the "tanking" effect from -90 to -50, -25, or -10 depending on which flavour you install. The other flavour (KillAll) completely kills the system, so that your Sim will never be accused of cheating. V2 attempts to fix the system, so that it works as intended.

What This Mod Doesn't Do
It won't actually disable the system if you install "KillAll" your Rep will change, you just won't get any negative effects from it. Postive effects have been retained. Also if installing one of the reducer packages, then it won't effect the chances of being accused of cheating, it just won't destroy the relationship when it happens. (For a more elegant system, try V2)

This is a Tuning Mod, so it shouldn't matter what EP's or SP's you do or don't have. Obviously you will need patch 1.22 to use this Mod. Partially compatible with EGC (see changelog), Definitely compatible with Non-Core Modded games, and probably compatible with Awesome but I haven't checked. This Mod edits the "RomanticVisibility" XML, but as the entire thing is given over to Romantic Rep the chances of conflict are pretty much 0.

Only install ONE of these mods. They all edit the same resource and will conflict with each other


Additional Credits:
Peter and Inge for S3PE MTS for Hosting.
Kai Swift and Blair Wainwright for the sappy screenshot