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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2018 at 7:16 PM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2018 at 2:07 AM

Wanna Celebrate that Next Big Event in Style? Then Exo’s EPIC Launchpad is for You!

Like many of you, I wasn’t satisfied with the Fireworks “Extravaganza”, so I created something a little more.. EPIC.

The lot consists (mostly) of an underground maze. Direct your Sim to the End, and as they route through, they will automatically Trigger a sequence of Fireworks as they go from room to room.

My first test of this idea was with a 10x10 lot, but without sufficient space for the Sim to take their time getting from room to room, it was a little *too* extreme. I composed this one differently, using long hallways and rooms of various sizes to mix up the show, and of course, end with an EPIC Finale, like any good Fireworks Show should!

(Disclaimer - the Final Trigger is massive. I cannot take responsibility if it crashes your game.. lol)

ALL 4 Available Types of Fireworks Used:
- World Adventures (Golden Dragon Fireworks)
- Seasons (Facemelter Fireworks)
- Sims 3 Store (The Sky’s Ablaze - Toyota Prius Celebration Pack)
- Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats (Sugar Explosion)

(I’m not sure if the game will replace them with other fireworks if you don’t have that pack, but I’m not uninstalling to find out.. my guess is probably?)

2 Flavors of this Lot are Included.
- Tomb (Default)
- Residential (Ownable Lot) *Requires Into the Future* (and Island Paradise, I believe, to be able to purchase additional residential properties)

Build Materials (Stairways, Fences, Door Arches, and Ceiling Lights used to Trigger Fireworks) are all Base Game.

No CC included, but feel free to add some of my HoloDisc FX machines for an added layer of Fun ;-)

By the Numbers:
104 Rooms and 107 Lights, Triggering 211 Fireworks! .. needless to say, this was not a quick build, lol.

Approximate Show Times:
Sim Time: 4.5 Hours!
Realtime: 5 Minutes, 45 Seconds
(Walking Normal Speed, Adult Sim)

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Type(s): Landmark Tomb, Residential.
Tomb Lot Price: 143,086
Residential Lot Price: 148,692

It will take your Sim quite a while to walk through the maze, it would be best to Max their motives beforehand or Make Needs Static from the mailbox, or your Sim may give up and Go Home.

Remember to set Auto Lights to On for All, if it’s not already.

Good thing about having this in your Library is that you can Bulldoze and Replace as many times as you’d like. The show will always end up being a *little bit* different every time.

Known Issues:
For whatever reason, the very first Firework won’t trigger sometimes. I don’t know if it’s because it’s the first room? or.. ::shrug::

As with any fireworks launch, some inevitably end up being duds. You won’t notice, trust me.

If you go into Build/Buy and manually turn on All the lights before going back into Live Mode, they WILL all launch at once. It may or may not break your computer.. lol

Downside (minor): No Moodlets. But whatever, this show’s for You ;-) .. As a long time Simmer, this was a labor of love. I hope you guys enjoy! =)

Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Price (furnished): ~145,000
Lot Price (unfurnished): N/A

Additional Credits:
Pixelmator for Mac (Featured Image)