Lucas College

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Welcome to Lucas College - Preparing Children For Success In Life. This is one of my biggest project in my life and this took me over 7 days to complete this school. This school has more than 20 rooms and it has 3 levels. This school was made for my Machinima "Westlife - I'm Already There". I started building level A with few classrooms and I fully detailed my two classrooms. I didn't want to throw my hardwork away so I decided to continue to make the school bigger and realistic. The name Lucas was from my dad's bestfriend who died May 31st and I will never forget him. I couldn't find any good name for my school so I chose Lucas for my College. The canteen has Bauhaus garage door and the cash registers are playable. I tested it, no broken pathways and it works really good! Every canteen need Bauhaus garage door and we all know that. The set up the library really good and it's a good place to have a quite read. This school works for elementary children and young adults. The full furnished final total of this lot is 1,554,527 Simoleon YES 1,554,527 Simoleon! For this hard work for this wonderful school, please "Thank" my wonderful work and thank you to all Sims 3 Official Facebook fans who likes my school so much. =).

Update Recovery:

8th July 2013 12:35AM

I had a lot of feedbacks from the creators & members about my file that doesn't work. I noticed I accidentally removed something I shouldn't remove with CUSTARD. The file is suppose to be around 1MB's to 2MB's instead KB's.

8th July 2013: 02:15PM

I separated the files and they are both compressed. Part 1 & Part 2 are included in the download page.
Before you download. Go to "Files" tab and follow my install instructions.

9th July 2013: 08:13AM

Fixed the instructions.
I provided a tutorial video how to install Lucas College properly.

12th July 2013: 7:00PM

Jasumi found a solution how to use with 7-zip,
This is only if you use 7-zip, otherwise you're good:
Rename "Lucas College.part1.rar" to "Part 1.rar"
Rename "Lucas College.part2.rar" to "Part 2.rar"

Lot features:

Level A:

  • Level A - Blue Locker Area
  • Level A - Reception Area
  • Level A - Staff Room, Two Offices & Principal's Office
  • Level A - Sick Bay
  • Level A - Classroom No.1
  • Level A - Classroom No.2
  • Level A - Classroom No.3
  • Level A - Information Communication & Technology Classroom
  • Level A - All Year Level Canteen
  • Level A - Small Commercial Kitchen

Level B:

  • Level B - Red locker Area
  • Level B - Media & Photography Classroom
  • Level B - Graphic Design Classroom
  • Level B - Language (English & Spanish) Classroom
  • Level B - Art Classroom
  • Level B - Library
  • Level B - Quiet Reading Room
  • Level B - Graphic design Classroom
  • Level B - Media & Photography Classroom
  • Level B - Science Classroom
  • Level B - Boys Restroom
  • Level B - Girls Restroom

Level C:

  • Level C - Green Locker Area
  • Level C - Keyboard (piano), Guitar & Cello Classroom
  • Level C - Singing Classroom
  • Level C - Studio Room
  • Level C - Examination Room
  • Level C - Auditorium Room
  • Level C - Material Classroom
  • Level C - Geography, History & Business Classroom
  • Level C - Math Classroom

Tour Video:

As seen on this video at the ending scene:

Before the construction:

Required custom content:

The rug is a rabbit hole school. It allows your Sims to walk on the carpet and fade away. Don't worry about you Sim, your Sim will go directly to a rabbit hole school. This rug needs to be required on this Community Lot and if not, your children will be stuck home and have no education. This rabbit hole school works and it's fixed for Sims 3 Pets.

Direct Download link here Rabbit Hole Replacements. Choose only Jynx_RugSchoolHouse.package
Registration required

-UNIVERSITY LIFE RABBIT HOLE: University Life Rabbit Hole Rugs by Margaret Pendragon

Custom content used not included:

I apologies for using a lot of Custom Content. It's your own risk to download all the CC.
I am not responsible for any faults.

I do not own those Custom Content. They are made by right full owners on Mod The Sims and other resources.

Compatibility requirements:

-ISLAND PARADISE ( Bauhaus garage door )

Size, Price & Additional Credits:

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price: 1,554,527

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to billzico, Lisen801, Tiro22222, mensure, Blacksmith, Sandy, HelenSims, plasticbox, porphyria259, duri93, TheNinthWave, mikeaus69, Sugar-Baby756, stuffforsims3, cazarupt, Desdren, granthes and Diriel.
Used Create A World Tool & BuyDebug.