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Royal Children's Hospital - UPDATED - 9th August 2014 1:22PM

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2014 at 3:41 AM
Updated: 12th Aug 2014 at 2:02 PM


Welcome to The Royal Children's Hospital. This is my very last biggest project for The Sims 3. I started this project since last year on July 2013 when I was making a Machinima for The Sims 3 Machinima. When I completed my Machinima, I decided to renovate the Royal Children's Hospital. In between November to December. I stopped my progress because my laptop couldn't handle the size so I neglected my project. In July 2014, I returned to finish the Royal Children’s Hospital and this will be my very last community lot. The original Royal Children’s Hospital was replaced with a new Royal Children's Hospital next door and the old Royal Children's Hospital is demolished. I had a lot of great memories about the old RCH and I had my first heart surgery in the old RCH since 1998.


This Royal Children's Hospital was featured from the official Royal Children's Hospital on facebook and everyone loved my project especially the workers who worked in the old Royal Children's Hospital. I would like to say thanks to official Royal Children's Hospital for sharing my project. I am surprised I reached over 500+ Likes! :D

This will be my last upload for Mod The Sims. I do apologise I use a lot of Custom Contents and I will no longer upload my creations in Mod The Sims. I would like to say thank you to all the staffs and the downloaders for downloading my creations. I has been nearly 3 years I am a member of Mod The Sims Creations and I enjoyed sharing my creations in Mod The Sims. Farewell everybody and I hope you’ll enjoy playing The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. 


9th August 2014 -
*Updated the upload
*Missing CC fixed

12th August 2014 -
*Two Missing CC placed in the description

Test n' Go:
This Community is tested from RomerJon17 Productions (Ansett 4 Sims )

Lot features:
This Royal Children's Hospital has 4 levels.

Level G - Staff Canteen
Level G - Two Surgery Rooms
Level G - Waiting Area
Level G - Rest Rooms
Level G - Cashier Pharmacy
Level G - Emergency Area
Level G - Gift Shop
Level G - Cafeteria
Level 1 - A1 Specialist Clinic
Level 1 - Health Education
Level 1 - Adolescent and Rehabilitation Care
Level 1 - Mental Health
Level 2 - A2 Specialist Clinic
Level 2 - Cancer Care
Level 2 - Medical Care
Level 3 - A3 Specialist Clinic
Level 3 - Surgical Short Stay
Level 3 - intensive Care
Level 4 - A4 Specialist Clinic
Level 4 - Newborn Intensive Care
Level 4 - Surgical and Neuro Care

Tour Video:

As seen on this Machinima video:

Custom Content Included:

-ROYAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL DIRECTORY SIGNS: Directory Signs by RomerJon17 (Ansett 4 Sims)

Custom Content Not Included:

-BALLET BARRE: Stiff As A Board, Light As A Feather Dance Collection by The Sims 3

-WINDOWS: ModernLine Windows Set by hudy777DeSign

-HOSPITAL SETS: Request: Hospital Set by Hekate999

-SERVIETS & SAUCE BOTTLES: Kitchen clutter by Infusorian

-TELEVISION: Tile Light Lamp Set by DOT

-POT PLANT: Fig Tree by Mutske

-ANTENNAS: TV Antenna Roof by Severinka

-AIR-CONDITIONERS: Decorative wall/roof objects by Alopex

-AMBULANCE: The Sims 3 - Ambulance - Buffy A Summer by BuffyASummer

-AIR-CONDITIONERS: Airconditioner conversion by Infusorian

-AUSTRALIAN FLAG: Default flags for your sims by Lisen801

-TELEVISION: Nightlife Wall Mounted TV by Tiro22222

-SIGNS: Notice Signs For Sims! by RomerJon17

-SIMLISH LETTERS: Simlish Letters by porphyria259

-BLINDS: DIY Curtains, Blinds, & Shutters by SeeMyu

-ELEVATOR: *TESTING* Modern Elevators - Updated to 1.48 by Diriel

-SHIFTER: One More Slot Please! (with vertical shifting) [Update 2 Nov 2011] by granthes

-RESIZER: OMSP Resizer by Buhudain

-CEILING LIGHTS: Lights Ceiling | Eclairage de plafond by Around The Sims 3

-CEILING LIGHTS: Wall Lamp | Eclairage mural Ikea Lidingö-like by Around The Sims 3


-SHIFTER SHELF: Shiftable shelf for Windows and Walls by Lisen801

-DESK AND STOOL: Awesome Simple Desk and Harmony Stool For TS3 by Awesim

I do not own those Custom Content. They are made by right full owners on Mod The Sims and other resources.

Compatibility requirements:


Size, Price & Additional Credits:

Unfurnished: 303,299

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price: 2,252,043

Custom Content by Me:
- Royal Children's Hospital Directory Signs

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to all the Custom Content Creators and thanks to the Twitter supporters and Facebook supporters. I couldn't continue my project without you all.
Used Create A World Tool.