Sunset Valley Elementary School

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Welcome to the Sunset Valley Elementary School. We are pleased to provide you with high quality education for your children. Are you tired of rabbit hole schools and sometimes you can't see any objects inside the school just only cardboard papers. Don't stress! Now your children can visit to a real school called the "Sunset Valley Primary School" and it won't affect your children's grade because there's a rabbit hole school rug in a classroom, so you don't have to worry! Enjoy and happy simming. For this hard work for this wonderful school, please "Thank" my wonderful work and thank you to all Sims 3 Official Facebook fans who likes my school so much. =).

Lot features:

  • Four available classrooms
  • One small size playground
  • One small library including a computer lab
  • Six available bike racks
  • Two rest rooms
  • One small first aid room
  • One small Reception room
  • One small Principal office
  • Fully detailed
  • Fully landscaped

As seen on this video:

Required custom content:

The rug is a rabbit hole school. It allows your Sims to walk on the carpet and fade away. Don't worry about you Sim, your Sim will go directly to a rabbit hole school. This rug needs to be required on this Community Lot and if not, your children will be stuck home and have no education. This rabbit hole school works and it's fixed for Sims 3 Pets.
Direct Download link here Rabbit Hole Replacements. Choose only Jynx_RugSchoolHouse.package

Custom content included:

-SIGN: Sunset Valley Elementary School Sign

Custom content used not included:

-WINDOWS: ModernLine Windows Set by hudy777DeSign
-AIR-CONDITIONERS: Decorative wall/roof objects by Alopex
-POSTERS: Movie Posters - Simlish texts by billzico
-AMERICAN FLAG: Default flags for your sims by Lisen801
-TELEVISION: Nightlife Wall Mounted TV by Tiro22222
-PROJECTOR: Home Theater_Projection by mensure
-RUG: Jynx_Rugs_BaseGameRabbitHoles_R&C1 by Jynx - Blacksmith
-PLANTS: Plant Pack Pt3: Shrubs by porphyria259
-SIGNS: Notice Signs For Sims! by RomerJon17

-DESKS, CHAIRS, BLACKBOARD & OTHERS: Downtown #2 School Objects by Sandy
-DRAWINGS & OTHERS: School sets by HelenSims

I do not own those Custom Content, they are made by right full owners on Mod The Sims and other resources.

Compatibility requirements:

Size, Price & Additional Credits:

Lot Size: 64x30
Lot Price: 264.126

Additional Credits:
I would like to say thank you to:
Alopex who designed roof decorations.
porphyria259 who designed landscape Shrubs.
billzico who designed movie posters.
Jynx who created a rabbit hole rug.
Tiro22222 who converted TS2 television to TS3.
Delphy who made a Sim3pack cleaner for to remove some unnecessary Custom Contents.
Sandy and HelenSims who designed wonderful school custom content objects. Without them will be nothing! Thank you girls. =)