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3 Accessory Shirts for Females

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Uploaded: 20th Jul 2013 at 10:01 PM
I felt like dabbling in textures again and these 3 "under shirts" appeared. (:
These are cloned from the gothic glove and also appear in the glove area of the Accessory tabs. They are for Teen-Elder females and appear under these categories,
  • Everyday
  • Formal Wear
  • Sleep wear
  • Athletic
  • Swim Wear

Since they're accessory shirts, you can put any top or dress/full-body outfit over them. As you can see, they can also be worn on their own if you'd like. They only have 1 channel and they are in a set. They have their own custom thumbnails so you know which shirt is which (:
Patterns can give them a neat look too and I've included a screenshot of what some can look like.
The transparent shirt, if you've noticed, is more transparent in the chest region than the arms. My focus was more that this particular shirt would be worn underneath other tops, so the arms appeared more glove like than being part of a shirt. It still looks nice on it's own though I think (:

The pictures I've taken for you show the front, back and side views of all 3 shirts. I also show you how they look when the weight slider is increased to its maximum value, along with the fitness and muscle definition sliders.

Poly count (for all): 2950

Additional Credits: S3PE S3OC CTU And hair by aikea_guinea