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Just Like My Parents! Costume Face-Paint for Toddlers

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2013 at 9:15 PM
I was watching TV when a parenting show came on. The toddler had managed to get into the flour and covered themselves head to toe. Of course I then became inspired to let our Sims experience the same with their little ones, but without the flour.

Whether they've stolen Mommy's shoes or Daddy's tie, they're cute playing dress-up. So I made face paints for your toddlers to enjoy pretending to be their Mommy or Daddy. Of course it has the hint of a toddler's art skills. Scribbled, caked- on and rubbed all over their face! Oh but they think it's wonderful and had fun doing it, so good luck trying to get it off of their faces.

There are two files in the attached package.
-One called Just Like Mommy, in which they've mimicked their mother's make-up.
-The other is Just Like Daddy, where they try to copy Daddy's look.
But you can pick which file you want in your game if you don't want both.

Both files are Unisex, so boy or girl can copy either parent.
Each file has 3 channels as shown in the pictures for you to recolor.

They are for Toddlers only and can be found under the Costume Make-up category.
The categories they are enabled for are:
  • Everyday
  • Swim Wear
  • Sleep Wear
  • Formal
  • Athletic
  • Career
  • Outer wear

They are not enabled for random.

Poly Count (the same for each file): 2026

Additional Credits: CTU S3PE S3OC Gimp