Artemesia, La Fee Verte

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2013 at 8:05 AM
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Come, dance with the Green Fairy!

Absinthe, commonly referred to as "La Fee Verte" or "The Green Fairy", is an alcoholic beverage developed in the late 18th century. It is distilled from wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and other herbs and is traditionally a peridot green hue. It rapidly rose to popularity and is often associated with the Bohemian culture of the time. It has been featured in numerous works of art and literature even to this day. Artemisia, named for the Artemisia absinthium plant, is a personification of the spirit of Absinthe. She is an irresistible, hopeless romantic with with a passion for the arts. Come dance with the Green Fairy and let her be your muse!


Traits :: Hopeless Romantic, Irresistible, Great Kisser, Artistic, Flirty
Lifetime Wish :: Master of the Arts
Favorites :: Crepes, French Music, Green
Sign :: Sagittarius

Sliders Used:

My Blue Book / TumTum Simolino's Chin Cleft
aWT's Septum Width *
Sintikla's Mega Color 3d Eyelashe Sliders **

CC Used:

Eyebrows :: HystericalParoxysm's "Under Your Brows #3
Skin :: Navatsea "Sexy" Edition (Non Default Version) ***
Eyes :: Escand "Oh My Eyes" (Default Version)
Eyeshadow :: Ace Creators / Elexis - New Year Eyeshadow
Lipstick :: Tifa Lip N55 ****
Eyelashes :: Sintikla's Mega Color 3d Eyelashes (SLIDER version) **
Fingernails :: Lorandia Sims / Lore Long Nails


* The download links for aWT's sliders are all broken. They can be downloaded from an alternate site.
** Sintikla's Eyelashes come with their own sliders and they were used on this sim.
**** You cannot get direct links to any items on Tifa's website, so you just have to hunt for the lipstick.

Store Items Used:

Everyday Dress :: Real McCoy Dress
Everyday Hair :: Floral Updo
Formal Dress :: Beach Wedding Dress
Formal Hair :: Labyrinth Twists
Sleepwear Hair :: Sophisticated Updo
Outerwear Outfit :: Jane's New Digs
Outerwear Hair :: The Dandy Lady

EP/SP Items Used:

Supernatural :: She's a fairy after all! Outerwear gloves
Late Night :: Formal/Sleepwear Necklace, Sleepwear Outfit
Island Paradise :: Athletic/Swimwear Hair
Town Life Stuff :: Athletic Outfit
Master Suite Stuff :: Swimwear Outfit

Items used in the photos only:

Poses :: All poses are my own and are part of my "March Madness" (covershot) and "Cabaret" (posed shots) collections.
Severinka's Decorative Martini Glass

Additional Thanks:

The ever helpful crew of Creative Feedback Forum. THANKS!