Wizard and Gandalf beards

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Uploaded 11th Oct 2013 at 5:45 PM

Good day MTS members. I have finished two beards for you. The first one its a bushy fumanchu. Its a long mustache with a long goatee. The second one wears it Gandalf a powerfull wizard from Lords of the Ring movie. Its a long full beard.I have included a reference picture if you want to see how Gandalf wears his beard.

These beards are perfect for your fantasy, medieval or epic sims and are basegame so it mean are compatible with any expansion pack.

Here they are some angles of the beards

I made them from teen to elder sims

Fat sims can use them because I have used CmarNYC's meshtoolkit to bodymorph it and here they are the recolourable channels: red are the roots, green the highlights and blue the tips

Any comments would be highly appreciated

Polygon Counts:
Wizard beard:

LOD_0: 452 faces
LOD_1: 320 faces
LOD_2: 123 faces
LOD_3: Maxis full beard doesnt use this level of detail

Gandalf beard:

LOD_0: 660 faces
LOD_1: 440 faces
LOD_2: 220 faces
LOD_3: Maxis full beard doesnt use this level of detail

Additional Credits:
MTS TSR Workshop, Delphy's CASTexture Unitool, CmarNYC's Meshtoolkit