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Four jaw beards (Reuploaded)

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Uploaded: 21st Jul 2013 at 4:01 AM
Good day MTS members.

I have finished to remake the rap, nail, extreme and jaw with mustache beards for you. I made them for TS2 time ago and now they are for TS3. I made a previous S3 version of them, but dont like the results. They are more realistic and less pencil ones this time. Hope you like them.

The rap beard is a chin strap with a goatee and the extreme one is a chin strap with side burns and a spiky goatee.

Here they are some sides of them.

The nail beard is a stylised side burns with a nail shape conected to a chin strap and a thin goatee. The jaw beard with mustache is a chin strap with a mustache.

Here they are some angles of them.

I made them for teen, adult and elder sims.

Any comments would be highly appreciated.

Additional Credits:
MTS, TSR workshop, Delphy's CAS Texture unitool, collin2's pose set 002 and cmomoney's Pose Player