Twin Pines

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Uploaded 2nd Nov 2013 at 2:35 AM

Hi all

I return again this time with another log cabin; Twin Pines.

My last log cabin, Breezy Acres was a two story again with one double bedroom but it wasn't cheap enough to be a starter home. Twin Pines is under $15,000 and so is definitely a starter home It also has space for expansion if another bedroom is required.

This home is very small with just the basics but it has a nice cosy feel that makes up for it. It also has a covered porch out front which is a nice feature for sims to enjoy the summer evenings. I have tested the house to make sure its size doesn't cause any problems which it doesn't so that's good news!

The house has a full kitchen and bathroom and so will function as a proper home. It also has a TV and a bookshelf for your sims entertainment needs. There is also a dining space that seats four sims so there will be no sofa eating.

The rooms are:

Kitchen (technically in the same room as lounge but separated by half walls)
Double Bedroom


Fire Alarm
Covered Front Porch

Price: Unfurnished: $11,671
Furnished: $14,448

Size: 20x15

Enjoy this and stay tuned for more lots from me in the future

Lot Size: 2x1
Lot Price: $14,058