Car-Spot Parking Space ITF Edition

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Uploaded: 11th Dec 2013 at 6:52 PM
A simple upload for you today.

This parking space is basically a clone of the base game one with textures taken from the decorative ITF parking spaces.
It irked me that Oasis Landing has decorative neighbourhood cars parked at WHITE parking bumpers but there is no matchng white parking space for use on lots.

This space can be found under Room> Outdoors> Vehicles or Function> Vehicles and costs 150 simoleans.
You DO NOT need to have ITF installed for this to work in your game as it is cloned from the base game space.
Built with game version 1.63.5

- The thumbnail of the parking space looks identicle to that of the base game version. Just look for the custom content icon to be able to tell them apart.
- This space is NOT CAStable. I did attempt to make it CAStable but the textures looked terrible and only seemed to get worse when I attempted to fix it.

Polygon Counts:
Hi = 118
Lo = 53

Additional Credits: