BellaDonna Cove's Central Park Pavilion - Part 3 of 4

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Uploaded: 4th May 2014 at 12:50 AM
Updated: 14th Nov 2021 at 8:42 PM
New 2021 Update - New 3 CC version available!
I didn't take new pictures, 'cuz it really looks the same

CC Included:
tBudgett's Retaining Wall Top (Both the straight and corner pieces with one recolor)

Lot Size: 4x5 (same as the Original Maxis Lot)
Lot Price: $110,801

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The third park area Cat tackled, under the watchful eyes of the BDC Parks and Recreation Department, was the Pavilion section:

This outdoor arena is the home of BDC's Simspeare in the Park Summer Theatre series. As such, the theatre really needed a lot of attention. Cat rebuilt the bathrooms to include dressing rooms with showers for the actors (accessible from back stage,) as well as facilities for the patrons. New stage lighting was added, and the stage floor was completely rebuilt. A brand new stadium seating area was also built with comfy lawn chairs from which you can enjoy your nap the show.


Please view all the images linked above.

All 4 parks were renovated by Cat - and all 4 will be offered here on MTS2:
Part 1 - Central Park West
Part 2 - Central Park
Part 3 - Central Park Pavilion
Part 4 - Central Park East

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: N/A

Custom Content Included:
- valueLoveSeatREC by beosboxboy/MsBarrows @ TSR
- valueLoveSeatMSH by beosboxboy/MsBarrows @ TSR
- JustaDoorCurtain by LeeFish @ LeeFish
- Modern Fence Very High Quater(White) by lirunchik @ Black Pearl Sims
- tb-RetainingWall_MeshCorne by tbudgett @ MTS2
- tb-RetainingWall_Top-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- tb-RetainingWall_TopCorner-Mesh by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Modular Stairs by Numenor @ MTS2
- HiddenPicnicChair by Inge Jones @ Simlogical
- PicnicBench by Inge Jones @ Simlogical

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!