10 Small Gifts for 10 Big Years

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Uploaded: 18th May 2014 at 9:16 PM
MTS is turning 10!

As if we needed a reason to kick up our heels and let loose...
Or get all...uh...dressed up?
Hmmm...that gnome looks oddly familiar...where have I seen him before?

Here's to 10 great years and many, many more to come!!

Set includes:
-6 shirt stencil designs, both genders, child to elder
-4 new paintings

Special thanks to Delphy, the genius behind the curtain, for the years of dedication to this site and the greater Simming community it serves, and to HP for helping Delphy keep his sanity, and for her tireless efforts to keep this place running smoothly. You are both appreciated more than you'll ever know!

Thanks also to xLoesje123, traelia, overlordorochi, pingpongpanda, and cmomoney for the poses.