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Simlish Deja Vu font

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Uploaded: 18th May 2014 at 9:47 PM

Simlish Deja Vu Sans is the simlish version of the existing font Deja Vu (which you can download here). Simlish Deja Vu Sans comes in 3 weights Regular, Bold and Extra Light which match the 3 weights in the original version. And I do not know why there is an Extra Light but no Light.

Below is a comparison of simlish versus english. I did have to scale the simlish version to resolve an issue I was having while generating the font, but it seems to not have effected the relationship between the two fonts. The graphic below shows the same word set in the same weight at the same size so if you are going to make graphics in both simlish and english they should look reasonably similar.

Below is the complete character set for all 3 weights. Since the original font has several thousand characters I only left what I thought was needed for The Sims game. If you need something more you can download the original through the link above.

I tried to copy the spacing from the original version over to the simlish version so it should be spaced fairly well. However I did not make kerning pairs so there will be some letter combinations that will need some adjustments within your graphics programs.

I also have not had access to my Windows machine for several months now so I have not tested the font in that environment, but it worked perfectly on my Mac and it should work the same on a Windows machine. If you find any problems please let me know I will make what changes I can.

I would greatly appreciate a message with a link to anything you make using this font so I could download it and add to my game.

Since the font is free I expect anything you make with it to be free.