Handwritten Simlish

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A couple of weeks a go I started thinking about making a whiteboard for my game but astondb9 beat me to it. They're perfect except for the fact that the writing on them was in such a computer printed font, so I set out making a handwritten version of SIMale's simlish font that used to be available here on MTS2, but seems to have disappeared. It literally is a handwritten font, since I drew each of the characters, scanned them in and then turned them into a font using Font Creator by HighLogic. Here's a sample I cooked up in abiword.

Note: This is not a Mod it is a system font. To install it (in windows anyway) just copy the file to your fonts folder which can usually be found in My Computer > C: > Windows > Fonts and the Computer will do the rest.

Enjoy :D

Additional Credits:
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