NCI - Milburn ''Rich Uncle'' Pennybags (Mr. Monopoly)

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Uploaded: 27th Jun 2014 at 1:33 AM
Updated: 17th Mar 2019 at 11:47 PM

Below is a list of places featuring reference to Milburn Pennybags! Go check out the links to see what people are doing or saying about this!

And now, a first for the folks at NCI, introducing a Sim character you may have been waiting for, ever since the creation of our Monopoly Game Town neighborhood. Yes, it's finally time (I feel content with this look of this Sim). With only a bit of custom content neatly named & organized, your won't have to shuffle around to find it!

And now without further ado, here he is, the one and only...GROUCH-, I mean...the Monopoly man himself...
Mister Milburn "Rich Uncle" Pennybags!

And now a word from the fella himself:

Milburn Pennybags, self-made billionaire, began his financial career in 1933 dealing with stocks. He made his first $50,000 after working for an equity company for two years. In 1936, he joined his friend Charles, a freelance electrician, to set up a real estate company. It proved so successful, that he bought out Charles' stake in the business. Pennybags made connections with folks & was able to get great deals for his clients. In 1939 Pennybags was charged for price fixing in the housing market. He settled in court for six months in jail. Forced to resign from his position at the company, he funneled $750,000 out of the business before the company went bust in 1940.

Later on, Pennybags began a mining company, where he collected dividend payments in the millions. He then went back into real estate, & set up a holding company, where he would buy shares of commercial properties, & collect rent from his shares. His investments paid off, & he made his first billion dollars in 1973.

This download includes the following items:
1) NCI - Milburn Pennybags (Complete).rar
This file contains the facial data of the sim along with:
- NEW Short Top Hat Hair, Brown only
- NEW Walking Cane accessory with mesh
- NEW Brown eyes
- RECOLOR of a Sims 2 Celebration Stuff Formal Suit

2) NCI - Milburn Pennybags (No CC).rar
This file contains ONLY the facial data of the sim, along with the original Sims 2 celebration Stuff Formal Suit, not recolored.

In addition to Mr. Pennybags, you will also have the opportunity to download seperately the following items:
3) NCI - The Walking Cane Accessory

4) NCI - The Short Top Hat

5) NCI - The PennyCent Brown Eyes

6) NCI - The Elder Monopoly Suit


Polygon Counts for Hat (Hair):
Faces: 374
Vertices: 254

Polygon Counts for Walking Cane:
Faces: 352
Vertices: 178

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If neither conditions occur, then the above policies remain in effect.

Additional Credits
Credit goes to fanseelamb for her assistance in discovering some meshing issue related to my initial attempts to the short top hat.

Credit goes to Quaxi's "SimPE" for making it possible to upload the new meshes in-game.

Credit goes to chUmbaLum sOft's "Milkshape 3D" for making the meshes for most stuff in the download.

There was a building contest (that ended) for Sims 2 Players that can be found from the link provided HERE.

To see what wonderful properties were built for the contest, please visit my neighborhood world Monopoly Game Town and look at the bottom of the thread for details. Click the picture below to visit that thread: