Chunky Streaks (4 streaked hairs)

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2014 at 3:08 PM

One of my sims, Shesa Testinmacloth, was feeling blue one day. She had just gotten a haircut and everywhere she looked she saw the same haircut! How, she wondered, is a girl supposed to stand out in the crowd? After much thinking, she went back to her hairdresser and together they came up with a plan: it could get messy, several hair strands could be lost in the process but Shesa thought it might be worth it. It did get messy, what with the blue and purple dye flying everywhere.. but a careful count proved that every hair was still safely on her head and now Shesa has a brand new look.

Here Shesa's naturally black hair has been revived with streaks of blue and purple:

Later that day, Shesa's neighbor Sally Simmerson dropped by. After getting the name of Shesa's hairdresser, she ran on over and now Sally's naturally brown hair has been enhanced with streaks of auburn and blonde:

Sally, not being able to keep a secret, blabbed to her neighbor Julia Lawrence and now Julia's naturally red hair is sporting some coppery streaky highlights:

Not to be left out, Julia's neighbor Andrea Forte paid a visit to that very same hairdresser. Her naturally blonde hair has been enhanced with streaks of honey and warm brown:

Now that the secret is out, all 4 hair colors are available for all the neighborhood ladies- teens through elders. They are recolors of an EA hair- please see screenshot showing which hair.

Additional Credits:
PhotoShop CS2, Granthes/ColorMagic, Kuree/s4pe and Shimrod for the stand still in CAS mod