Fewer Stalkbys | Impatient Stalkbys

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2014 at 12:11 AM
Updated: 31st Jul 2015 at 4:09 PM
This attempts to tone down the amount of visitors (both neighbours and relationships) that are stalking the active household all the time. I did this by changing the walkby desires of the game so that other "walkby situations" (such as random strangers, work/school commuters, joggers etc) gain precedence over the doorbell ringers and also adding a few "no walkby" situations into the mix pretty much everywhere. I did not, however, stomp the doorbell-ringing entirely (otherwise, nobody would ever come to visit).

Default override, XML tuning only.

Update 2015-07-30:
I re-did this from 1.9.3something files and reuploaded -- it is a bit different from earlier versions in that there are (sometimes) fewer walkbys overall now (I threw in a lot more "Nobody" walkbys so it's more random, but it can very well result in nobody walking around at times). The rest is mostly unchanged (I didn't compare but I got the impression that Maxis have less stalkers in it overall), except that I moved the barbequeuing on weekdays from morning to afternoon and reduced the amount of barbequeuing sims too .. for me it was too cheaty that my sims could basicaly live off their neighbour's hamburgers without ever having to cook themselves.


Improved Stalkby Impatience

Added a little extra package that makes them wait no longer than 20 sim minutes for someone to open the door (instead of lurking on the front porch forever). The apparent default was 60 minutes but I'm not actually sure whether that did anything (attributes differ between default tuning and tdesc, not sure what's up with that .. awaiting potential enlightenment here). Anyhow the 20 minutes I playtested and that works.

You can use either or both, they're not dependant on each other.

No, I still don't take requests. Don't bother asking.


Note that this mod only contains tuning for the areas listed above (i.e. the Base Game neigbourhoods) – I don't have Outdoor Retreat so I won't/can't do anything about walkbys in the new neighbourhood that got added with that.

2015-07-30 – Updated for 1.9.3.
2015-05-02 – Updated for 1.5.149.
2015-02-16 – No update needed for 1.4.83 (files match except that Maxis added mailman walkbys which you won't see when you use this mod)
2015-01-14 – No update needed for (files match).
2014-12-16 – No update required for (files match).
2014-10-22 – No update required for 1.0.797.20 (files match).
This is from 1.0.732.20 files (2014-10-01 patch), it will probably work for earlier versions too but no guarantees. Make sure that your game is patched to at least 1.0.677.20, otherwise it won't know what to do with this.


Unzip and put in your /Mods folder.

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