New Social Event: Destination Party

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Uploaded 23rd Sep 2014 at 1:22 AM · Updated 24th Sep 2014 at 12:00 AM by Zerbu

Introducing the first custom social event for The Sims 4. The Destination Party event type is a clone of House Party that has been enabled for all venue types, allowing you to have parties on community lots that aren’t a special type. Also, Sims who are not party guests will still be allowed to visit the venue. Destination Parties cost §250 to plan.

There’s no way of disabling events for residential lots that I know of, so residential lots will still appear on the list of locations. The only way of preventing “Destination” Parties from occurring on residential lots is just not to throw one on a residential lot.

The goals and rewards are identical to the House Party, but Destination Party does have its own set of medals.

Mod Not Working Properly?

Some people have reported that XML tuning changes don’t work in their game. If this is the case for you and the mod isn’t working, you can use the unpackedmod solution.
  • Edit the “Resource.cfg” file in your Mods folder, and add the following line to the end: DirectoryFiles unpackedmod autoupdate
  • Download the unpackedmod version of the XML file for this mod. (Please Note: The .package file is still needed for the “Destination Party” text string)
  • Create a folder named “unpackedmod” in your Mods folder and extract the archive into there.

Since this mod only creates new files and doesn't override any existing worlds, it should not conflict with any other mod.

This mod has been tested with patch 9/9/14.

Additional Credits:
Package created using S4PE:
XML exported using Sims4XMLExtractor by Velocitygrass:
Thanks to c_major for the text editor, which if didn't exist would force me to manually click "Delete" on all 20,000+ text strings in a clone of the main STBL file in order to replace it with my own strings: