UPDATED - Ornament Wallpaper Set - 6 Colors

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Uploaded 16th Oct 2014 at 10:16 AM · Updated 21st Oct 2014 at 12:40 AM by mustluvcatz

I had the wrong molding in my layers for the tallest wall height - which means that the moldings won't match if you use this set with the solid wallpapers. This is now fixed. Please redownload if you'd like the fixes!

This is a wallpaper I made for The Sims 2 that I love and wanted in The Sims 4. It only comes in 2 colors for The Sims 2 - since each wallpaper can have swatches (instead of cluttering up the build mode catalog with single wallpapers) in The Sims 4, I made 4 more colors.

So: there are 6 colors and they can be found in build mode under wallpapers for a cost of 1 Simoleon. [B]To be clear: these are not just recolors of in game wallpapers. These have their own thumbnail, with swatches for the different colors, just like the in game wallpapers that have more than 1 color choice!

If you're interested, you can get MATCHING SOLID COLOR WALLPAPERS

Additional Credits:
Granthes for WallEz, PhotoShop CS2

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