Mixed Brick Wall Set - 8 Walls

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Uploaded 3rd Nov 2014 at 6:31 AM

And now... for something completely different, lol- even though these were really done a couple of weeks ago. I didn't upload them then because I wasn't completely happy with them. Today I redid them with Sims4Studio and since they look better now, uploading I am. This is a set of brick wallpapers- there are 4 bricks, 2 variations each. You could say there are 4 colors, but since the colors are slightly different I'm calling it 8 colors. They have their own thumbnail with swatches, can be found in build mode with the rest of the masonry and cost 3 Simoleons each. Oh- and they also work for all 3 wall heights.

Note: I'm doing something different with swatches- I added mustluvcatz to them, so it's a bit easier to find these custom walls in the catalog.

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio; PhotoShop CS2 and the 4 brick textures found for free on the internet that I edited for my own purposes!

Tags: #wall, #wallpaper, #brick, #masonry