UPDATED!! Philip Tseng - Painting Series

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2014 at 8:05 AM
Updated: 19th Nov 2014 at 6:35 PM
UPDATE: You can now download just the meshes, just the frame recolors and/or just the painting recolors. I ended up wanting the frame and painting recolors to be separate packages, so I redid them. If you'd like the frame and painting recolors to be separate packages: download the recolors, DELETE the original recolor packages from your download folder and place the new separate recolor packages in your download folder. The new files will NOT over write the old files as the file names are different! There is no need to redownload the meshes- that download is for anyone who has not downloaded already and would like separate recolor packages!

Based on a series by Philip Tseng - this is a set of 4 new paintings.

What You Get:
4 new meshes; 2 wall paintings, 1 leaning floor painting and 1 shelf painting.
25 recolors of both the painting and the frame. Each package has 1 painting and 1 frame recolor.

What You Should Know:
The repository technique was used. The files are clearly named so you'll know which is which.
All meshes are 100% base game compatible.
That said, if you can use the quarter tile cheat or shift objects, you can do so with these meshes.
No cheats are needed to place any of the meshes.
The shelf painting can be placed on OFB shelves @ 2 per shelf.
As mentioned above, each package has 1 painting and 1 frame recolor. This means you SHOULD NOT delete any of the recolors in game. If you do and end up with flashing blue, the only thing you'll be able to do is replace the package(s) in your downloads folder.

Extra Info:
If anyone would like to recolor these, I've included the base layers. Remember that you only need to recolor ONE mesh since these are repositoried. There are 2 subsets but they share the same texture. (Recolors can still be mix/matched in game!)

Catalog Location and Price:
All meshes can be found under Deco>Wall.
Large wall painting - 135 Simoleons
Small wall painting - 115 Simoleons
Leaning painting - 150 Simoleons
Shelf painting - 115 Simoleons

Please Note: The images used were originally found on naldzgraphics under the Freebies section. A link there led to the artist's website. I looked for a Terms of Use and could not find any type of restriction. The images on naldzgraphics are free for personal and/or commercial use. If I am contacted by the artist at any time and asked to remove this download, I will do so.

Polygon Counts:
Large, Small and Leaning - 62
Shelf - 76

Additional Credits:
MilkShape, SimPE, PhotoShop CS2, sites and artist mentioned in post.