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Mismatched Underwear Part 2

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Uploaded: 26th Dec 2014 at 8:38 AM
Updated: 1st Mar 2015 at 12:50 AM
A little later than planned, but here is part 2 of my mismatched underwear series! In this part, you get three new bra colors; Blue, dark blue and green.

The idea for this project came from a thread regarding CC one wishes would exist, which made me realize I wanted more mismatched underwear in my Sims lives. I've always loved HystericalParoxysm's set Fansefeem, and so I decided to mismatch the textures to create less matchy underwear for my Sims. The project got bigger than I planned, because I could not pick which textures to match with which, and thus decided combine them all along with a few extras from the swimwear set.

The set contains 17 different briefs, and 18 different boyshorts. That means each bra comes with 33 different bottoms. Now, as I've simply matched everything there are a few in this set that I personally think look slightly bonkers, but who am I to say a Sim can't have whatever color combination they want. We all have our preferences, so I've made every combination and leave the choosing up to you!

For your convenience, all files are clearly labeled. You can find color swatches of all the underwear in the pictures of this thread. I've also shown a random mixture of combinations, to give you an idea of what these underwear look like. If you'd like to see all of the bottoms in full outfit, please check part 1 of this set.

Stay tuned for part 3, which will include red, pink and purple bras.

File info
- Available for AF and YA
- Categorized as underwear
- Townified (download un-townified version if you don't want this. Townified means that townies can spawn with these outfits)
- Shoe sound is barefoot
- Tooltip is file name, so that it is easy to figure out which file is which if you view them in Bodyshop

No mesh is required, but you may want to check out HystericalParoxysm's default replacement mesh that tidies up the maxis mesh a bit. See the original fanseefem-threads for more information on that (links above and below). All screenshots displayed in this thread were taken without the replacement mesh.

No EPs or SPs required.

- HystericalParoxysm for creating the textures used in this project. She did all the hard work, I just swapped it around a bit. So make sure you check out the original fanseefem set (Underwear and swimwear) as it is fabulous!

- HystericalParoxysm for the generous policy allowing me to re-use the textures in this project
- Sweet Cats for creating the thread that made me think of this project
- VioletPadfood who taught me how to do this kind of thing, once upon a time

Programs used
- MS Paint
- Bodyshop
- Wardrobe Wrangler
- CatOfEvilGenius' filename tooltip beta
- Renamer Master

Mismatched Underwear Part 1 - White, Grey, Black and Dark Black bras

Model content: Hair Skintone