No Autonomous Buy Retail Store (BugFix)

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Uploaded: 16th Apr 2015 at 3:59 PM
Updated: 5th May 2015 at 7:56 AM - Note about May 4 game patch
Fixed by EA - This bug was fixed in the latest (May 4) game patch. There is no need to download this mod if your game is fully patched, and if you already have it installed it can be safely removed.


I thought it was my fault, hitting some new hotkey key on my keyboard or something, until I saw others were having the issue with the Buy a Retail Store lot map showing up on occasion. It's worst at the library where there are many sims using computers, so that's what I looked at first.

Sure enough, sims can attempt to autonomously buy a retail store lot from the computers, including all those NPCs joyfully browsing porn the MTS website at the library.

Just pop this package into your mods folder and that annoyance is over.

Installation Instructions

Just unzip the package file to your Mods folder as usual.

This mod requires the Get To Work EP and is tested with the latest game patch (April 13, version

The bug will likely get fixed by EA one day at which point the mod can be removed.

Resource Overrides

In the event of a conflicting mod, this package modifies only the computer_BuyRetailLot (S4_E882D22F_00000003_000000000001C051) XML resource. It should not conflict with any other "No Autonomy" mods unless they are already doing the same thing in which case you hardly need this one

Additional Credits
  • Fogity for providing working copies of the XML for the GTW EP
  • Kuree and all the others at Sims4Group who have put together the S4PE tool