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Class Clown Aspiration v4

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February 06, 2020 - Scumbumbo has passed on but his work and memories are still being kept alive by many of those whose lives he has touched. To download fixes for his mods, please check https://scumbumbomods.com/ and please direct any questions or concerns to the discord channel linked there.
Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 4th Mar 2015 at 6:07 AM
Updated: 18th Apr 2019 at 5:36 PM - Updated for April 16, 2019 game patch
April 18, 2019 - The mod has been updated to version 4 for compatibility with the latest game patch version 1.51.75 (April 16, 2019).
  • The mod requires your game to be fully patched, I don't support unpatched games.
  • Be sure to remove any old version of the mod when you update!
Class Clown Aspiration

I thought I'd do something a bit different for my 30th TS4 mod, instead of a utility, or script mod, or fixing what I perceive to be as mistakes in the game. This turned out to be more work than I anticipated, especially testing and getting things to work the way they should. The result is a new aspiration and bonus reward trait for children.

This mod adds a new Class Clown aspiration with goals and appropriate satisfaction point rewards. Children who complete the aspiration will receive the Class Clown reward trait to help them learn comedy and mischief more quickly, although their need to be the center of attention will cause their social desire to decay more rapidly. This is a reward trait, so it cannot be purchased and is only available by completing the aspiration. Children pursuing the aspiration or who receive the reward trait will have appropriate whims.

The new aspiration can be found under the "social" category for children.

Translations are currently in English only because I was a class clown myself and never bothered to learn another language. Translations for other languages will be gladly included in future updates, just send me a string table that I can merge into the package.

Installation Instructions

Just extract the package file from the downloaded zip file to your Mods folder as usual.

This mod was written and tested for The Sims 4 version 1.51.75 (April 16, 2019). It is not compatible with game versions prior to that patch.

This mod consists of entirely new XML additions to the game and should not conflict with any other mods.

Additional Credits
  • Velocitygrass for the Sims4XmlExtractor and Sims 4 Data Tool
  • Kuree and all the others at Sims4Group who have put together the S4PE tool
  • Fogity for the Modding Toolbox
  • Translators
    • Brazilian Portuguese by Everton_Gaymer
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Zerbu for the Buff and Trait Factory which I used several times for reference
    • Abigail's Ghost for the album d_letion which I listened to incessantly during the long hours writing and testing this mod