Fabulous - A Sims 4 Custom Trait

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These Sims tend to be happy all the time. Often called Senpai, they are always fabulous and as manly (or girly) as can be. They do need an extra large dosis of fun though! Other than Fun and Sleep, their needs decay rather slowly. Comedy and Video Gaming improve at great speeds. Relationships increase rapidly, who wouldn't like to be friends with a fabulous Sim?
For V1: These Sims never become angry, bored, dazed, focused, inspired, tense, sad, uncomfortable or asleep. Fabulous Sims need a lot of fun and a lot of sleep. They're skilled at comedy and video gaming, and they are always happy.
For V2: These Sims are basically the same as in v1, except bored, focused, asleep and uncomfortable have been added back. This makes a bit more sense. Also the icon has been changed.

Tested and should work fine with a large variety of mods.

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Simply unzip the file into your mods folder, or if you are using the mod manager, all you need to do is add the file to the manager and activate it.
If you had V1 just remove the first version and replace it with the second version unless you want doubles.
Report any problems to me, thank you.

Additional Credits:
The Fabulous PewDiePie
The Sims 4 Buff and Trait Factory