Computer Whiz Custom Trait

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2018 at 9:11 PM
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This trait was as far as I remember in the Sims 3 and probably in the previous ones too, SimmerSarah made a version and this is the mine.

Remember this trait is WIP and can change in the future.


These Sims are tech geniuses! They love programming and playing video games. A computer whiz’s savvy tech knowledge gives them an increased programming and video gaming skill gain They recive an impulse to the career of Technological Guru. They are happier when they are in front of a computer or playing video games but every now and then if they are not they get tense. They are so focused only in the computer and video games that neglect the social and loving aspect so they have more trouble to make friends or find a partner. They are bad telling jokes. Once they reach mastery in programming or video games from time to time they feel more focused.

Whimps: (some, too many to put all)

Gain 50 Livestream Fans

Try to Hack Something

Practice Programming

Buy a New Computer

Create a Game Mod

Create a Computer Virus

Browse Simpedia

Play Video Games for an Hour

Play Blicblock

Increceded rate from skill growing:

Programming Skill 50%

Videogame skills 30%

Logic Skill 10%

Fitness Skill -20% (grows to 20% slow).

Dance Skill -20% (grows to 20% slow).

Comedy Skill -20% (grows to 20% slow).

Charisma Skill -50% (grows to 20% slow).

Rised performace on careers

Entertainment Artist -20%.

Athlete. -20%.

Tech Guru 50%

Social Network Manager 10% (while this Sim is socially awkward, loves everything related to computer science).


Social: decreases 15% slower.

Energy: decreases 10% slower.

Fun: increases 20% faster.


Friendship: grows 50% slower.

Love: grows 50% slower.


Receive a +1 buff of happiness when you are in GeekCon.

Once you reach the skill level of 10 in Programming and also in Videogames from time to time you receive a buff of +3 focused humor.

A buff of +1 in happiness when playing videogames (console or computer) or when doing something on the computer.

A buff of +3 of tense at random if it is not playing videogames or doing something in the computer. ( this is inspirated at me because that happen to me when i stay too far away from my PC. ).

Autonomy: Geek, Genius, Focused and a little lonely.

Note: This is one of the most complex trait that shared may have forgotten something because they are too many variables. If there is something that does not work please inform me, it is most likely that something does not work but it should not cause errors. As I said although I’ve tested it on there are many variables and I may have forgotten something.

In Spanish and English by me.

Additional Credits:

Mod Constructor V3 by Zerbu

Sims 4 Studio.