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Inked Up

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2015 at 10:16 AM
Updated: 17th Oct 2015 at 3:55 AM
A set of poses for story-tellers with tattoo addicts and/or artists. They are pose list compatible but the pose codes are included should you rather wish to type them in manually.

Pose Codes
Relaxed Bicep Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo01a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo01b - receiving tattoo

Wimping Out Bicep Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo02a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo02b - receiving tattoo

Forearm Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo03a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo03b - receiving tattoo

Lower Back Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo04a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo04b - receiving tattoo

Back Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo05a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo05b - receiving tattoo

Calf Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo06a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo06b - receiving tattoo

Chest Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo07a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo07b - receiving tattoo

Hip Tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo08a - giving tattoo
a_heaven_tattoo08b - receiving tattoo

Poses were created with the female rig as the tattoo artist and the male rig as the tattooee. However you should be able to interchange them without too much issue. There may be some floating or clipping depending on the weight/musculature of your intended sims. You will need to use moveobjects to place your sims in the correct position. Once you cancel the interaction, they will mush together. It looks scary but just direct them to walk away and all will be right with the world again.

You can mix and match some of the poses. 5b and 6b both work with 5a. You can also use alt to adjust your sim to "tattoo" different places though the hands might not line up exactly.

Recommended Custom Content
The poses were made with the following CC. Though they may work with other objects, I cannot guarantee that. The poses do snap together but you will need to adjust the furniture to line it up properly using the alt key.
Tattoo Gun Accessory by me See Below
Krypton Dining Chair by wondymoon
Examination Couch by Hekate999

Additionally, while Ambitions is not needed for this pose pack to function, the first 3 receiving poses were created using the tattoo chair from that expansion pack. It may work with other chairs with arms but I have not tested this.

Tattoo Gun Accessory
This is an edited version of the Ambitions Tattoo Gun. It does not require Ambitions to work. The bottom base (that looked like a drill battery) is gone and the handle is much slimmer to allow for a more controlled grip.
  • Located in Bracelets, for right hand only
  • Available for Both Genders
  • Available for Teen to Elder
  • 4 Channels
  • Valid for Everyday, Athletic, and Career
  • Not Valid for Random
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible

Polygon Count
228 polygons, 250 vertices

Please feel free to make poses that work with this accessory. All I ask is that, if you do, please link back to this thread for the accessory and do not include it in your own pose upload.

Go forth and ink the town!

Additional Credits:
Cmo for the Pose Player and the Pose Pack Creator
Kaleekalo for her amazing Pose Creation Series
A for the Blender plugin and rigs - Sims 3 Clip Tool
Cloudwalkersims for their Object to Accessory Tutorial
goodnightlittlewing for needing the poses and supplying me with the lovely Evvy to test with and the showcase pictures for this upload.
Spladoum for her words of encouragement and steady stream of alcohol when I broke joints.

Other Tools Used: S3PE TSRW
Milkshape CTU Gimp