Medieval Style Windows

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2015 at 12:40 AM
Updated: 9th Oct 2015 at 10:37 PM
I missed more options for medieval stuff in the game and just I love these kinds of colored windows so that's the reason I made these. Initially these were a followers gift on tumblr but I wanted to share them here as well.

These are non-default so they won’t override anything. The two base game windows which these are based on (the window with the shutter on the left and the one with the shutter on the right side) will be their separate objects. In total these downloads add 6 more windows to your build catalogue.

You have three options to choose from. You can download them all or just the ones you like.

1) You can have the completely recolored windows (both the frames and the screens)

In total the 1st download option consists of 2 objects and 8 same recolor options for them both. Both of those windows have 4 recolor options for the frames and 2 options for the window glass screens. They are all compatible together so you can have any colored frames with any colored screen

2) The four base game recolors of the window frames with my 2 recolored screens

This download has 2 objects and 8 same recolor options for both. You can have each of the 4 base game recolored frames with both kinds of screens, so these as well are all compatible.

3) My 4 custom recolored window frames with the Maxis see through screens.

This download has 2 objects, 4 frame recolors for them both and all have the see through screens.

These are all found under "windows" in the Sims 4 build section. Also all 3 of these cost 145 Simoleons in the game.


Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Photoshop CS5