Single-Tile “Intellect” Bookcases

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2015 at 2:37 PM
Updated: 11th Aug 2015 at 5:03 PM
Two single-tile versions of the Maxis “Towering Intellect” bookcase that match my mesh override from here (which makes it less deep).

They have 12 colour variants each; three are referenced from the Maxis bookcase and nine are custom. For the custom ones you need to download the “Intellectual Bookcases Recolours” from here; they contain all the textures. Also, the screenshots are taken using texture overrides for the Maxis colour variants from this post (the mesh override one); they are not very different, only the books have slightly different colours.

The tall bookcase costs 1.000§, the medium-height one 650§. They both have some slots on top and one on the shelves; the books are rearranged in each of them so they don’t look too repetitive when used in combination with other “Towering Intellect” add-ons. Note that these are not flush when put side by side (they are less than one tile wide, just like the original) -- if you want a seamless wall of bookcases, either move these around holding [alt] or use the Simple Symmetry Add-Ons instead.

Polygon Counts:

Aspiring Intellect (medium height): 498V/244F
Sun Shadow: 28V/40F
Towering Intellect Single Tile (full height): 752V/390F
Sun Shadow: 60V/64F

Technical note: these still have 32bit IDs even though that is not necessary (and shouldn’t be done) any more because they are old -- I’ve had them for a while, just never got around to uploading them.

blender, TSRW/Milkshape, s4pe.